An evening filled with matches isn’t meant only for your kids. Together with darts, pingpong, pool and more, there are plenty of activities.

You might think your home has run out of space for such an area, but it’s possible your cellar is an untapped resource. Whether it’s already supplied or waiting to be redone, then it is possible to surely rework it into a fantastic game room with just a tiny bit of know-how.

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Utilize the square footage wisely. Decide in advance how your space is going to be utilized and what out of your wish list can make it into the room. Be mindful not to overpack it. “Remember that many game tables require anywhere from 3-5 feet of additional space round them, otherwise they can overwhelm a small cellar,” says interior designer Letitia Holloway of Myers Design.

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Invest in an entertainment-friendly layout. Entertaining many guests at a lower-level game room can be tricky with a single tv and limited seating. You might want another television above the bar or close to the game tables, therefore everyone has a fantastic view.

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Lighting is essential. You’ll need decent lighting to make the ideal move on game boards. Make certain every table is under the glow of sufficient task lighting in addition to ambient lighting for the remainder of the space.

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Pick the ideal furniture. If you or your kids are into gambling on the big screen, look at including a set of gambling seats that are ergonomically designed only for that use. Holloway suggests the Sound Egg seats, which can be wired for sound and provide the ultimate gaming experience.

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Pick furnishings that double as seating. Pieces that are simple to move around the room, like ottomans or stools, are useful, also. This way, guests may pull up a seat to wherever the action is. “Ottomans are a excellent way to add seating to the group without needing to pull out folding seats,” says Holloway.

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Don’t forget a place to keep score! Add a scoreboard as a fun and affordable accessory with a splash of chalkboard paint throughout the wall.

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Consider your favourite sport. When you have the space and budget, then you can re-create your favourite sport in your game room. “If you’re into baseball, then turn your entire basement into a floor-hockey stadium with built-in goals, a penalty box, proper flooring and safe lighting,” says Holloway. “Whatever you are into, find a way to make your lower-level match room unique to your needs and personality.”

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Soundproof your space. Noise levels can increase in game rooms. “Minimizing noise between floors can be completed in a lot of ways,” says Holloway. “Review options like upgraded framing, Quiet Rock, added insulation, solid panels and more with your contractor so you can make an educated decision based on cost and importance.”

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