Mirrored furniture gives a room irresistible sass, elegance and high-wattage glow. But these visual fireworks come with a tradeoff: If you don’t stay on top of maintenance and maintenance, mirrored bits will probably go from glam to filthy until you know it. Follow these recommendations to stay reflective tables, dressers, case products and other furnishings in their best.


Once a Week

Dust. Nothing dulls a mirror’s sheen like a coating of dust. Use a microfiber towel or another soft fabric that won’t scratch the finish or leave lint flecks.

Polish. Eliminate smudges, fingerprints and other marks using a soft fabric and a mirror-safe glass cleaner (check the label). Spray cleaner on the fabric instead of on the mirror. A solution of distilled white vinegar and water can help wipe away stubborn smears. Make certain not to leave residual streaks as you go.

Once a Month

Inspect for chips and scratches. Mirrored finishes are prone to dings, so give your piece a normal once-over. If you spot a flaw, you can have it professionally repaired. Additionally, check for sharp or jagged objects which can scrape or nick the finish if they happen to fall on it or get dragged over it.

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Mop up spills. Water and other fluids can mar the finish if they sit for too long, so wipe them up straight away. Avoid using toiletries such as shaving cream, perfume, nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol close to a mirrored bit — over time, they can harm the surface.

Use extra care through transportation. Should you move mirrored furniture to another spot in the house, take precautions to prevent chips, breakage and scrapes. Transport it by hand, as dollies and other mechanical devices can stress the joints and cause fractures, and never fall it or put it down hard. It may be worth hiring pros (licensed and insured) to manage very heavy, expensive or delicate bits.

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Position mirrored bits well away from doorways. Otherwise, you may inadvertently bang them when you enter a room or open a cupboard.

Keep small fingers and paws away. Kids and pets don’t mix well with mirrored surfaces, so stay away from using mirrored bits in household spaces or alternative high-traffic zones. If you decide to do so, consider covering them with a soft blanket or sheet through playtime.

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