Intricate eye candies was big at the 2012 High Point Market in North Carolina this year, especially in the shape of mirrors. All these common household accessories weren’t seen in frames that are simple, but rather those with extravagant information and scintillating layouts, and such ornate pieces provide impressive visual interest along with function. If you are eager to integrate the most recent trends to your decor, think about an eye-catching intricate mirror.

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Martha O’Hara Interiors

Ornate mirrors are most traditionally seen completed in gold and are certain to generate a big impact. This notable example allows the rest of the room to be minimally furnished and accessorized, as its presence instantly becomes a powerful focal point.

Elizabeth Gordon

Offer your modern bathroom a twist by accessorizing it with a traditional ornate gold mirror for a sudden touch.

REF Arquitectos

Two antique ornate mirrors add character to this modern bathroom, in turn producing heat in a space which might have otherwise felt dull.

Susan Jay Design

For an additional punch, place an ornate mirror across from art. The expression in its framework creates an enticing visual.


Ornate mirrors can be contemporized with a splash of paint. Additionally, this is a excellent solution if you find an affordable antique that’s not in the best shape. In this photo, a bright shade of red brings the mirror bragging rights in this dark and white space.

Nina Jizhar

A pretty shade of pink provides this mirror a youthful, feminine vibe which works well with the floral pattern.

Lisa rubenstein – real rooms design

A dab of paint does not have to be a daring shade; sometimes white is the freshest option. This mirror feels of this moment in white contrary to its modern environment.

Warren Home Restorations

For extra interest, keep an eye out for ornate mirrors in unusual shapes.

For a seamless design, think about a Venetian-style mirror with a glass framework. It provides the same impactful design presence but in a more subtle fashion.


Ung Drill Mirror – $39.99

The Ung Drill mirror in Ikea is a steal.


My Brother’s Mirror – $250

Catch a appeal.

Pierre Deux — CLOSED

Beau Jardin Mirror – $1,695

The Beau Jardin MIrror by Pierre Deux is a splurge, but it certainly is magnificent.


Venetian Glass Mirror – $199

This Venetian-style ornate mirror from Wisteria is affordable and filled with exceptional detail.


Pink Decorative Wall Mirror – GBP 115

This pink ornate mirror in the French Mirror Company provides a modern splash.

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