A great kitchen layout can dramatically increase your property value — if you would like to attract prospective buyers, your kitchen is the best place to invest money. They key is to get it to appeal to most individuals by spending your money on what most of them really want.

Kitchen cabinetry may do much to attract the right buyers. There are four key factors to consider: quality, symmetry, colour and layout. If it’s possible to find these key elements right with your cabinetry, you are certain to have a higher home value.

The Four Matters Most Buyers Want in a Kitchen

1. Quality

the amount of cabinets you’ve got isn’t as critical as the quality of the cabinetry. The fewer cabinets you add to your kitchen renovation, the less expensive it will be. Choose quality over quantity.

Can: Pick quality hinges and runners, such as soft-close drawers, and cabinetry.

Don’t: Proceed for large fillers and ill-fitted modular cabinetry.

Keep the price down by maintaining the cupboard count down. Design the kitchen layout to keep it light, bright and having an open plan, without using tons of cupboards.

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Note: Excessive internal organizers aren’t essential if you’re considering reselling your property. They are fantastic in adding value to a private use of this kitchen but are not necessarily a smart choice if you’re renovating purely to sell. Internal drawer and cupboard fit-outs are often expensive, and the excess money spent on those accessories may not return to you when you’re selling your property.

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2. Symmetry

The eye is naturally drawn to appreciate symmetry and repeat. When you are renovating to sell, maintain your kitchen cabinetry simple and attractive. Elegance has a way of being understated, and simplicity is key when you’re attempting to appeal to most buyers.

Can: Keep the wall cabinetry sizes exactly the same where possible. Drawers seem fine when they are large and expansive — should you’ve got multiple sets, keep them exactly the same dimensions, with exactly the same proportion of drawers.

Don’t: Add multiple cabinets in varying dimensions. Try to keep the look and feel constant in the full space.

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3. Light, Bright Spaces

Many buyers in Australia want an open, airy and light space. A kitchen that is white makes the space feel bigger. White is also a universally attractive color and leaves a blank slate so that buyers may reenvision the space.


Can: Keep the space spacious, bright and light with white cabinetry. If you’d like some contrast, go to get a darker bench top. Backsplashes ought to be kept rather neutral too — try to introduce feel instead of colour into the backsplash. The more impartial and tasteful the space is, the more potential buyers you may attract.

Don’t: Use darker-color cabinetry, which may make the space feel closed. While adding a solid color may suit your taste, it may not be to everybody’s liking. You wish to attract as many potential buyers as you can, and while white may not be the most daring color on your cabinetry, it’s the most popular.

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4. An Open Layout

Designing your own kitchen to have a sensible and open layout is pivotal to increasing property value when you are renovating to sell. Back in Australia, the trend is moving toward open-plan living and multifunctional spaces.

Can: Have a sizable open-plan space with a kitchen island when at all possible. Buyers frequently wish to multitask at the kitchen. They would like to cook, have their children do their homework and interact inside.

Don’t: Place your kitchen at a small and poky room. The kitchen is now frequently the hub of the house, and buyers want to see a kitchen that is interactive and social.

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