At the beginning of each new year, I make promises to myself to have better arranged in the kitchen — it helps save time and prevent waste. Below are some things that score in both function and form to help enhance your cooking space. — Tami from Running with Tweezers

West Elm

Rectangular Biscuit Tins – $9

I love using accessories as a pop of color in my differently slate and white kitchen. These bright orange tins are great storage bits which you won’t mind sitting out on the counter. The larger size would make a perfect bread box.


Tiered Tin Basket – $36

I like to think about this fruit basket in my countertop for a display piece up to a storage item. This galvanized tin, two-tier storage tray is rustic yet modern and minimal.


Homemade Cookie Jar – $24.95

Cookie jars aren’t something I normally think of as being particularly trendy, but this one using its tonal lettering and retro layout makes me want one for my kitchen.

Ballard Designs

I love the notion of the grocery list flip board. Mark the tabs by these regular fridge and pantry items, and the shopper at your house will know what to pick up at the market.


Joseph Joseph Index Stainless Steel Chopping Board Set – $79.98

I don’t know about you, but I have several cutting boards within my cabinets that I use for various things: one for cheese and bread, one for poultry, etc.. They’re always shuffling about and disorganized. This set of four cutting boards is color coordinated by use and comprised in a sleek stainless holder.


Daily Reminder Rectangular Chalkboard – $19.99

Skip the magnetic dry erase board on the fridge, and add a little bit of shabby chic to a space with a old-school chalkboard. It’s such an easy way to bring a decorative touch to a wall or the side of a cabinet.


Latigo Journal – $48

I am decided to wrangle each of the recipes and notes I take in the kitchen to a single journal. This one from Anthropologie is indeed unique and has such great colours.

The Container Store

Our Label Maker With Translucent Case – $49

Even though a label manufacturer isn’t the most glamourous thing to indicate for a trendy kitchen, being able to read what’s in spice jars and storage bins is definitely en fashion. You’ll be surprised how many uses you’ll find for one around your property.


Verdant Bread Bin – $158

I just love the girly, but not overly so, design and dual functionality of the storage jar; the top doubles as a cutting board for bread and rolls.


Martha Stewart Collection 16-Piece Food Storage Container Set – $29.99

Leave it to Martha Stewart to create colorful and trendy plastic food storage containers. The aqua snap manages add great function and modern form.

Sundance Catalog

Valencia Bottles, Set of 3 – $20

I don’t enjoy having tons of branded, branded food in my property. I always transfer milk and juice into ribbons like these. They’re so flexible while still being easy on the eyes.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Over-the-Cabinet-Door Coupon Candles – $7.99

Everybody has a”junk drawer” at the house somewhere — mine is in my own kitchen. It’s where flyers for new restaurants, take-out menus and appliance manuals go. This over-the-door pocket tucks off and places these things at arm’s reach and out of sight at precisely the exact same time.

Pottery Barn

Cucina Wall-Mount Kitchen Roll Organizer – $49

I love the idea of getting all of those clunky, raggedy paper sticks and boxes out of my kitchen stall, as well as making rolls of craft and wax paper a design component within the room.


Shun Kai Pure Komachi2 9 Piece Set – $147

I believe this collection is such a cool layout component and a great way to showcase great high quality knives at a unconventional manner. It’s an easy pop of color in kitchens of styles.


Hanging Oak Stemware Rack – $49.99

Wine is something I really like here at my house, and I love this non-traditional direction of storing great glassware for this hanging rack. It’s an enjoyable switch-out from the usual pot rack.


Berard Olive Wood Twine Holder/Cutter – $29.95

Nothing makes me crazier than my roster of cooking twine rolling about and unraveling at a utility drawer. This spool keeps it clean and makes it an enjoyable piece to keep on a kitchen counter or table.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Wine Enthusiast – 2-Zone Wine Refrigerator – $650

Possessing a wine fridge seems like the greatest luxury, but it’s also a great way to clear off kitchen counters and fridge shelves. It’s a win-win: much better organized space and absolutely chilled vino.


Oil and Vinegar Pipettes – $70

I’m a firm believer in keeping the olive oil and oil I use the best at hand near the stove — they’re the two things I use most in my kitchen. These glass pipette bottles are a far cry from the clunky ceramic ones most of us understand.

Touch of Europe

Zinc Antique Style Mug or Glass Holder with Hooks – $109.95

In case you’ve got the room and the elevation on your kitchen for a coffee cup screen piece like this, then I am a little envious. I love the notion of the being a centerpiece on a island or java service area.


STENSTORP Kitchen Cart – $199

I would be lost with no kitchen island/work dining table I purchased for my open kitchen. It’s extra table and cutting space. Folks gather about it for drinks and noshes, and the shelves provide extra storage for fairly ceramic serving pieces and bakeware.

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