Mirror, mirror on the … mirror? A wall covered with a large mirror can work wonders for raising a light, bright texture and creating a room look so much larger. But if that plain mirror sounds a touch boring, layering a detailed, artistic one at the top could be just the thing your toilet needs. Make sure to speak with an expert about the best method to securely attach a mirror on top of another one. No one needs seven years of terrible luck.

If one mirror is good, is not two better? We think so.

Amelie de Gaulle Interiors

If you put in a massive slab of mirror in your bathroom decades ago and require an update, there’s no need to tear out, decorate and patch. Hanging a gorgeous focal-point mirror above the existing slice brings the appearance back into 2012.

Reaume Construction & Design

While the soft curves of a round mirror may add a delicate, feminine touch into a room, two rectangular cushions create a masculine statement in this bathroom.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

The framework of the mirror complements the dressing table under absolutely, while the sconces add further interest.

Robeson Design

An hourglass mirror at the center reflects on the other surfaces in the room, creating a 3-D appearance.

Tracery Interiors

Receive a look very similar to two mirrors by framing a window with mirrors. These gorgeous antique mirrors reflect the light from outside, giving the entire room a golden glow.

From the absence of natural light, sconces and candlelight may create a warm texture. A gorgeous trumeau mirror functions with the room’s antique lighting for supreme elegance.

Matthew MacCaul Turner

In case a Venetian mirror is too small to make a room feel too large as a full size mirror may, get the identical effect by layering it over a sheet of plain mirror.

Melton Design Build

More mirrors mean more glamour. The dressing table, Venetian mirror and glistening tiles in this toilet complement one another to get a really statement-making appearance.

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