Yes, it is still winter but the first sign of spring is popping up around the area. I am talking about cushions with shapes of petals sewn on them, creating an extremely plush and entertaining floral accessory. It’s a look to remind us of this season of rebirth, renewal and expansion.

Petal pillows can be picked up via many different retailers, and they range in size, shape, colours, fabrics and price. I adore those that look like hydrangea blossoms for a glam, rock’n roll feel, or rose-like blossom for a tender, intimate feel. Whatever petal cushion you choose, each is distinctive and really fun to use.

Dreamy Whites

Insert a couple of round petal cushions to top off simple bedding. The multitude of petal shapes have a youthful flair only because they look like little poufs of tissue paper.

Eclectic Pillows – $23.75

Get a similar feel using these soft pastel colored petal cushions that look like miniature roses.

Karen Viscito Interiors

Insert square petal cushions to furniture with curved lines. The cushions add exceptional texture in a plush but delicate way.


SFERRA Gorgeous Bed Linens Delancey Felt Petal Pillow – $145

Attempt felt petal cushions for a comfy, casual appearance that looks like a bevy of blossoms gathered together. The natural tones of this wool felt adds tons of yummy texture without being loudly. They look almost furry — ideal for a couch.

The petal fabric with this pillow keeps this bedroom flowering with color and shape in a more controlled way.

If you are creative with a needle and thread or glue gun, consider adding a fabric flower to a good pillow. It adds that little ideal flair without overpowering.

Come Together Kids

Laura, inventor of the website Come Together Children, where she shares creative inspired ideas and projects, created her own petal cushion with fleece fabric petals inserted to an easy pillow form. She does a fantastic job of taking you through the process of creating your personal, very entertaining, petal cushion. Get her step-by-step here.

Come Together Kids

What I love about Laura’s DIY cushion is there is an option to use hot glue instead of sewing.

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