Bright and cheery buttercup or affluent and sultry saffron — yellow walls are a bold statement. Yellow immediately lifts the soul, but also much of it in a concentrated region can be overwhelming. Determining which accessory colours, floors and furniture best match your yellow walls assists temper emotional responses to the space. Yellow plays nicely with many colours, such as its sister primaries, its complementary violets and its cousin colors, as well as basic white.

Main Colours

Fundamental and bold, bright yellow looks at house with its own wife primary colours, red and blue. Accent pillows, table linens, seats and decorated furniture in blue or crimson produce undeniable energy in a yellow room. An apt color scheme for a kid’s playroom, office or contemporary kitchen, the primary palette might not be equally welcome in a bedroom or living room. Incorporate neutral colored rugs or drapes, such as light gray or carbohydrates, to prevent color overload when you are juggling these heavy hitters.

Complementary Colors

Directly across the color wheel from yellow is its complementary color, purple. You’ll find this theoretically perfect pairing in character, in blooms such as the violet and pansy. Yellow walls paired with a deep jewel-toned purple couch, easy chair or ottoman make a rich and inviting getaway. Or utilize partners in the lighter purple tints, such as lilac or lavender, to make a softer mood. Incorporating accent pieces in varying shades like dark plum or eggplant produces more attention.

Cousin Colors

Matching yellow walls does not necessarily mean reaching out for opposites. You can pick two to three colours in a row on the color wheel to the left or right of yellow to make a harmonious palette. For a warm appearance, move clockwise to yellow-orange, orange and red-orange. If you want a cooler mood, then choose yellow-green, green and blue-green instead. Remember that any of those colours may be utilised in lighter or darker hues to make tonal differences. A cluster of side colours is known as an analogous color scheme.

White and Woods

White drapes, white trim, white painted farmer’s tables — those never fail when yellow walls are from the mixture. Using pure white in a yellow room functions to showcase the yellow for what it’s — the lightest hue on the color wheel. White plus yellow provides off the clean, crisp sense of penetrating a sunny country kitchen and smelling clean laundry or cracking a new egg into a ceramic bowl. Natural wood tones, particularly blonde and honey, help keep the mood light and bright.

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