When I was a tiny tot, my parents had this wonderful white pleather rocking chair with a swirly chrome frame. Then they bought me my very own small wooden shaker-esque rocker with a white painted framework emblazoned with my name across the back. I have a unique title (to say the least), therefore this was extremely memorable for me. I held onto it till way past its prime — and way past time when I really fit into it! But all this rocking instilled in me a love for rocking seats.

Now that nearly all regions of the U.S. are hitting summer temperatures,’tis the season for rocking! Nothing says breezy like a rocking chair. They occupy even the most fidgety people for a time, they help move air around us without much effort, they lull us to sleep (or at least to some state of fantastic comfort ), and their often sculptural silhouettes allow them to coordinate with many styles of decor and function as statement bit of a room or outside space.

Lindy Donnelly

Don’t be afraid to put in a element that is shiny into a sea of surfaces. Polished to a mirror finish, this aluminum rocker, by Philippe Starck for Emeco, isn’t only a spin on the original Emeco chair, it’s an unexpected addition to the dinner table.

Hammer Architects

Talk about sculptural. The natural elements of the stunning and complicated adirondack rocker mention the nature-filled vista just away from the window and add a softness to this living area.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

I could spend an entire day gently rocking to this scenic view, with the fan overhead along with the breeze coming off the water.


I have always maintained that furniture in kids’ rooms doesn’t have to be”kids’ furniture.” Case in point: this stylish metal-frame mattress, paired with an Eames molded plastic amount.

Nicholas Moriarty Interiors

Set up a rocker at a cozy nook for reading. All you need is a fantastic lamp and a hot story!

Tim Cuppett Architects

This Austin home is a popular on my jog through the area. I was drawn to the outstanding hardware on front terrace near the street, but a nearer (creepier) look into the front lawn revealed these black rockers — a perfect complement to all of the period details.

There is nothing like a fantastic juxtaposition! This seat makes a statement in clean, modern bathroom. It might not be used for sitting too often, but I view it as a bit of art, which serves an extremely important visual function, or even a physical one.

This reddish rocker is just begging for a sitter. A set by the pub is ideal for late evening chats since the sun goes down and the stars come out — a perfect way to end the day with a loved one.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Balance thicker furniture (the sofa, in this instance ) with lighter bits similar to this lovely Windsor-style rocker.

Bouncy and rugged — what can be better? The initial chair of its kind debuted (in iron) from the 1850s and talked to some new trend that countered heavily decorated furniture using its easy, light form. The bentwood variant came later and continues to be revisited time and time again, with much success.

Anita Diaz for Far Above Rubies

This Shaker-style rocker functions well with most decor, with its easy, well-proportioned design. With few vases, save for the ladder back and finials, shaker seats are famous because of his or her beauty. The woven seats, often made from leather or cane, introduce a natural component that complements all fashions.

The Brick House

Another Eames favored, the sofa seat, adds a dose of mid-century modern delight to any interior. I am not a purist, so I think it looks best when worked into a un-mid-century space.

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