Are you planning to revamp your kitchen anytime soon? Well, if the answer is yes, there are a number of emerging kitchen design trends that you need to see. Creativity in design and simplicity are always part of any painters Hartford, CT.

Without further ado, here are some of the top kitchen design trends to look out for this year:

Warm Color Schemes

Warm color schemes on kitchen walls and ceilings are starting to make their way into many remodeling projects. Warmer colors with soothing wood tones offer a timeless design with a sense of vintage and class at the same time. Finish the entire arrangement with a yellow hexagon backsplash for maximum effect.

Blue Kitchens Continue to be Popular

Blue tones on kitchens have been a growing trend in recent months. We expect this to continue in 2018 too. A combination of light blue hues on the walls with darker shades on the cabinetry should do. A white tile-based backsplash is also advised.

Natural Woods and Blond Veneers

A lot of plywood features have been popping up in many Hartford painting projects. But this will evolve even more in 2018 with the increased attention going towards natural wood cabinetry in simple pale shades.

Open Shelving

While we still believe that cabinetry remains an important décor option for many kitchens, in 2018, more and more homeowners will experiment with open shelves either to save space or to expand their décor options.

Mixing Metals

In order to deliver the perfect cozy ambiance in any kitchen, the use of copper or brass accents topped with an oxidized finish will be quite popular in 2018. We will also see an increased use of stainless steel and polished chrome in kitchen décor.

Farmhouse Style Stone Sinks

Adding a farmhouse sink carved directly from stone will inspire an old and vintage style in your future décor projects. The natural stone is heat and stain resistant too, and it adds character to your space.

Make a Statement with Floor Tiles

Although we all love wood flooring in kitchens, things might be a little different this year. Many homeowners will make a much bolder statement with tiling on the floor. Patterned floor tiles, in particular, will deliver the perfect mix of personality and durability to your kitchen. Try to use an unfussy backsplash too for the best results.

Leafy Plants

Although this is not entirely something common, 2018 will open the doors for more plant life and leafy greenery in kitchens. The only challenge here will be finding enough room.

Mix and Match Backsplash Tiling

We already know that backsplash tiling is indeed popular. But you will get a more unique look if you mix and match up backsplash tiling in order to achieve a unique pattern. Sounds hard but it’s actually very easy.

Colorful Appliances

We may also start to see an additional touch of color on appliances. Whether it’s a pink refrigerator or an orange microwave, such bold designs will come to the fold in 2018.

Well, these are simply some of the leading house painting Hartford, CT trends in the market at the moment. Pick any of them and give it a try!