A swag and cascade is a top treatment for the own window that adds interest, picks up an extra design color or pattern from your decor, and also hides the main curtain pole. The swag drapes gracefully through the window, and the cascade falls down each side in gathers or folds. You’re going to require another curtain pole, above the main drapery pole, to curtain the swag and attach the cascades. Then it is just a matter of playing with the material to acquire the curtain of the swag the way you want it and set the cascade.

Make the Swag

Assess the width of the window and then include 24 to 36 inches, depending on how deep a swag you intend to drape. Cut your fabric and then hem the extended edges. There’s no need to hem the short edges as they’ll be concealed behind the swag and cascade. Accordion-fold the fabric lengthwise.

Locate the center of the folded fabric and mark it with a dressmaker’s pin. Clip the folded fabric to the center of the pole and also to both ends with clothespins. Loosen the center folds to relax into a gathered, curved curtain over the window. When you’re happy with how the curtain appears, leave the center pin in position and carry the swag down. Stitch through the layers of folds at each end to hold them in position.

Arrange the cascade on the curtain pole and then match the center of the swag with the center of the pole. Place a bit of double-stick tape on the pole in the midpoint and stick the swag fabric to the pole. Stretch the draped swag to either end of the pole and then tuck the sewn, folded ends above the cascade and supporting it. Pin the swag to the back of the cascade to keep the fabric in place.

Make the Cascade

Assess the length of the cascade to make it two to three times the depth of the swag curtain during its center. A bigger window appears best with a lengthier cascade. Choose the angle to the cascade bottom border and include 1/2 inch to the angled edge prior to cutting your fabric. If the cascade fabric includes a “wrong” side, cut exactly the same part of lining for each cascade in a contrasting color or the same fabric.

Iron the fabric edges under 1/4 inch in order that the wrong sides are together. Pin the cascade fabric and lining, wrong-sides together, and stitch around the perimeter close to the border. Press the hemmed edges flat.

Accordion-fold each cascade three times to produce a stack of folds. The shortest free end will be on the very top of the stack. Stitch across the very top of each stack of folds to carry them together. Sew two textile tabs sewn from scraps of cascade fabric — in the back top edge of each stack of folds.

Shake the folded cascades to slightly loosen them and slip the poles above the ends of the curtain rods. Use small pieces of double-stick tape to hold them in position if the poles are not tight. Hang the curtain rods in the brackets and arrange the swag in addition to the cascades.