Wall frames are a sequence of frames that are small side-by-side at a pattern. They are produced from thin pieces of molding nailed to a wall, glued and mitered at 45 degrees. A series of wall frames is an architectural feature. Everyone can create wall frames to give character to a room, to enliven a hallway, or even to add depth. You can add value for it with little cost if you are planning on fixing up a home for resale.

Measure the length of the wall where you would like to put in a collection of wall frames. For example: lets say the wall is 96 inches in length. Divide the space into four sections. The distances on both ends and onto between the four frames should be 3 inches, there are subtract 15 inches. Subtract 15 out of 96. Divide that by four to find the actual frame.

Measure to the top of the framework. Wainscot height is 36 inches. There will also be a distance of 3 inches between the top of the baseboard and the base of the framework. So if the baseboard is 3 inches that means the length of the framework is going to probably be 30 inches from top to bottom. Each framework is going to be 20 1/4-by-30-inches.

Cut eight pieces of photo frame molding with a miter from stage at 30 inches to point. Cut eight pieces with a right and left miter at 20 1/4 inches. Use a power miter saw with a combination blade.

Smear glue and build the frames one at a time. Put them flat on a worktable. Bring the corners together and take at two snare nails. Wait one hour for the paste to dry.

Put one 3-inch spacer plank on the ground, and one along one side of the wall. Run a bead of construction adhesive along the back of a single frame. Put it on top of the spacer on the ground, and tight against the spacer on both side. Take two pin nails through each side to secure it to the wallsocket.

Proceed the ground spacer board to the place. Proceed the side spacer. Run a bead of construction adhesive on the next frame. Put it to the wall, tight. Take two trap nails through every side. Repeat this step for the two frames.

Run a bead of latex caulk along the inside and outside perimeters of the frames. Use your finger and push it into the cracks onto the miters and nail holes. Wait one hour to the caulk. Sand the frames. Paint the wall and also framework together with a paint of your choice.

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