Comfortable furniture goes a very long way in allowing a patio to be an extension of the home. For traditional durability and looks, patio furniture made of wood is difficult to beat. Lovely though it may be, patio furniture crafted from woods like cedar and teak need special attention to maintain their looks despite exposure to the elements.

Choose the Best-Suited Pieces

Teak and cedar are the premier woods for outdoor furniture built to last. Look for solid brass, rust-proof hardware and screws. Opt for pieces built well and are sturdy. When possible, choose pieces which have a factory applied weatherproof finish that protects them in both sunlight and moisture.

Keep It Clean

Use a mild, all-purpose wood soap to keep your furniture clean on a regular basis. Once per year, then use a pressure washer to completely clean outdoor wood furniture. Practice using the pressure-washer nozzle to get the feel of it, and test your skill on an inconspicuous place before washing furniture for the very first time. Keep the nozzle at an angle and use smooth, long strokes to remove dirt, mildew and mould from outdoor furniture.

Regular Attention

One a month, treat wood furniture to a lemon-oil treatment. Wipe down the pieces using a rag soaked in lemon oil to maintain the timber moisturized and stop cracking or splitting. Apply oil, pastes or waxes from the shade, never complete sunlight, for the best results. Eliminate cushions from wooden furniture when they’re not in use to reduce mold, dirt and debris from forming under the mat. Guard your pieces in the foulest of weather by storing them under the eaves of your home or in the garage when skies are stormy.

Annual Care

Begin each season by treating outdoor wood furniture using an all-weather wood-sealing item. Wash the pieces and permit them to dry completely. Using a pump sprayer, thoroughly coat each piece using a liquid wood sealer. Allow the sealer dry completely by placing furniture in a cool shady place for at least two hours.

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