The bright-green-leaved golden pothos vine is regarded as the ideal houseplant for the blackest of thumbs, as it’s a high tolerance for neglect. Deficiency of sunlight and water? No problem. With the recent emphasis on the advantages of owning houseplants for air purification purposes, pothos receives excellent reviews for its special ability to efficiently remove airborne toxins like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

That said, if you’re like me, your experience with pothos probably includes seeing it too many times in pizza parlors, at truck stops and maybe growing out of a fish tank. However, pothos is really very flexible, able to accommodate and enhance almost any decor style. Its possible all depends on the environment in which it’s placed.

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A toilet with a huge window is a great location for just about any plant, however in this situation, a hanging plant also creates some privacy. A healthy pothos that is both bushy and analytical adds a little bit of jungle into the charming toilet, while the entertaining retro-style pattern on the shower curtain works with the easy shape of the hanging plant.

Sarah Greenman

Pothos exudes a homey retro feeling; it looks great placed in this little bedroom for a complement to the rustic desk along with classic globe.

Tip: Placing a trailing plant at a top, awkwardly sited window is a smart utilization of a space which may otherwise detract from the balance in a space.

Sarah Greenman

Pothos’ green leaves that are light work well with wood furnishings. Here a tiny pothos in an aqua pot provides a welcome touch of green into this eclectic vignette.

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A pothos flourishes on a low market.

Tip: it is a wise decorating trick to put a wonderful plant in a spot that might otherwise collect crap.

General Assembly

Pothos is one of the many plants growing in this lush windowsill garden, and the use of blue growing bags, instead of strands, is in tune with the effortless style of the space.

Vered Rosen Design

A trailing pothos vine positioned atop a classic wardrobe adds a quaint private touch to the light-filled space.

Tip: If you want to enjoy pothos for its vining capabilities, keep a portion of the plant short and bushy to keep pleasing proportions.

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Put your pothos on a top shelf and let it cascade exceptionally down. Exposed brick, a collection of wine bottles, a novel collection and a casually placed guitar finish the look here.

Design Platform

Pothos is great for growing on a tall plant stand, which may give it the impression of a shrub. You can attain this complete look by planting several pothos plants together.

How to care for your golden pothos vine:
Light: Many houseplants prefer bright indirect light, though pothos may also reside in low-light states as well as artificial light, which makes it the ideal office cubicle plant. Pothos with variegated leaves rather than strong green leaves are far less tolerant of low light. Water: Water thoroughly and allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Don’t enable the soil to become swampy, since these vines are susceptible to root rot, an intriguing quality for a plant which could grow in water. Soil: Use a well-draining all-purpose houseplant mixture. Feeding: Fertilization is not essential unless you’d love to acquire pothos growing in high gear, in which case you may fertilize once a month with an overall houseplant fertilizer. General: Pothos is a favorite for its capacity to grow in either soil or water, even though when the plant begins to mature, it is going to adapt to the medium of your choice and might not endure a change. You may even just fill out a huge jug with pothoscuttings, set it in a high position and revel in a cascading vine that is maintenance free with the exception of refilling the water once every so often. Propagation: it is simple to create new plants out of pothos cuttings. Root in water or dip the end in rooting hormone and root in moist soil. Rooting hormone is not compulsory but will boost your success rate.
Other considerations:
Air purification: It’s efficient at removing airborne toxins like formaldehyde and carbon dioxide. Cautions: Pothos may be poisonous to pets and children if ingested. More about plant cautionsNative environment: It has a wide native distribution, extending from Northern Australia via Malesia and Indochina to China, Japan and India.

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