For its 2014 product lineup, Ryobi manufactures more than a dozen different string trimmer models, with substantial overlap of features and specifications between the models. Telling the difference between the trimmers gets less complex when they’re classified according to their power resources. Within those categories, individual models are distinguished easily by their shaft configurations and cutting abilities.

18-Volt Trimmers

Ryobi offers a number of battery trimmer models that use batteries compatible with the producer’s ONE+ 18-volt electric tool lineup. The P2030 and P2040 models are lightweight curved-shaft trimmers. The P2030 comes equipped with a lithium ion battery, along with the P2040 has a lesser capacity nickel cadmium battery. The P2050 and P2060 models are straight-shaft trimmers using a pivoting trimmer mind. Both models include a lithium-ion battery, but the P2060 has a flexible trimming width. The P2210 is a hybrid trimmer that can run on the enclosed lithium-ion battery or via an extension cord.

24- and 40-Volt Trimmers

The company’s additional battery-powered trimmers are more powerful compared to ONE+ trimmers. The RY24210A model is a medium-duty 24-volt trimmer with a straight rotating, pivoting head and flexible trimming width. The RY40220 is a heavy-duty straight-shaft trimmer that uses a 40-volt ion battery that is compatible with additional 40-volt Ryobi tools. The RY40210 is a straight-shaft hybrid trimmer/edger that uses the same battery. The two 40-volt trimmers are compatible with Ryobi’s ConneXion application attachments.

Corded Trimmers

Ryobi’s corded trimmer models feature a 7.5-amp electric engine and a 15-inch cutting width. Although the 2014 product lineup includes two different models, both the RY41130 and RY41131, they’ve virtually same specifications.

Two-Cycle Trimmers

In its 2014 product lineup, Ryobi offers two different two-cycle gas-powered trimmers, each of which are equipped with a 30-cc engine. The RY28140, also referred to as the SS30, is a straight-shaft trimmer, and the RY28120, also referred to as the CS30, has a curved shaft. In previous decades, Ryobi fabricated similar models equipped with 26-cc two-cycle engines; the model names for these slightly less successful trimmers were the SS26 and CS26. These trimmers are compatible with the Expand-It lineup of tool attachments.

Four-Cycle Trimmers

Ryobi’s four-cycle trimmer models are equipped with a motor that is fueled by pure gas instead of the gas-and-oil mix needed by the two-cycle trimmers. Like the two-cycle models, the four-cycle models incorporate a straight-shaft version, the RY34446, and a curved-shaft version, the RY34426. These trimmers also are harmonious with Expand-It attachments.

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