Did you know that these crusty loaves of bread that you love will be best kept in a breadbox? It’s true. The breadbox may seem like a kitchen relic in the Mad Men age, but it is really a purposeful storage alternative, even in a contemporary kitchen.

You might believe you should stick whatever you don’t want to find moldy into the refrigerator. But grills are now not the finest places to store bread. The cold temperature dries the bread out and make it taste rancid sooner than if you kept it in room temperature in a breadbox.

It’s ideal to maintain your breadbox on the countertop or, if you’re lucky, possess it custom-built into your cabinetry. Get some suggestions for incorporating this high tech helper to your kitchen.

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DNM Architect

I adore the appearance of this built-in breadbox, which also could be utilized as an toaster. Keeping your bread stored in a box or in a special cabinet helps keep your countertop clean.

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc..

This breadbox built into the corner of the kitchen cabinetry makes smart use of an awkward area.

Dilworth’s Custom Design

This timeless kitchen has a breadbox built into the cabinetry. Flip up the cupboard door on the left for bread.

Tip: Fragrance in the dish soap you use to clean the breadbox may transfer to your bread. Maintain your breadbox clean using a fragrance-free solution of baking soda and water.

Superior Woodcraft, Inc..

I spy a breadbox built into the cabinetry to the right of the refrigerator. However, I also see baskets of bread in these drawers. To maintain bread fresher longer, you want to be sure the bread is wrapped within the breadbox.

Tip: Don’t store your bread on top of the refrigerator; that place gets too warm and can turn your bread moldy.

Fiorella Design

This is another corner breadbox that takes up a tiny footprint on the counter and overlooks a awkward area.

Chris Kauffman

I adore this metal breadbox on the counter. The typography feels retro and adds fashion to the counter (while keeping your bread fresh) .

A metal box like this one is a fantastic choice for a breadbox since the metal is moisture resistant and cleans easily.

This metal breadbox fits right in with all the vintage accents of this kitchen, such as schoolhouse light fixtures and industrial stools.

Lisa Day

Wow, what a trendy contemporary design for a breadbox! This could be my pick if I could design a breadbox for my kitchen. I really like this breadbox saves on counter area, since the box has been built into the kitchen countertop.

Note: The bread here is unwrapped to your photograph; make certain to wrap any bread that you store in a breadbox. If you want to maintain your bread around longer than a few days, you’ll want to wrap this up tightly and freeze it. Frozen bread will remain good for up to three months. But the frozen bread is only going to taste as fresh as it did when you put it in the freezer — so be sure to freeze fresh-baked bread that you don’t plan to eat straight away.

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