Should you listen to squeaking coming out of your dryer which appears to come in the front of the burst — it may escalate into a shrieking sound of metal on metal — or the drum won’t turn, you likely have a worn-out bearing glide. Other potential indicators are streaks or folded lines on your clothes where they have pinched between the drum and the bulkhead. You may even find broken-off pieces of plastic in GE, Hotpoint, RCA and Americana versions, indicating the bearing which holds the glides is disintegrating. The remedy is to replace the glide — a bit of felt, either nylon or nonstick plastic on the bulkhead over the drum — and also perhaps the posture which holds it.

Gaining Access

Unplug the dryer.

Gain access to the top front of the drum to begin your repair. For GE, Hotpoint, RCA and Americana dryers, remove the screws in the door frameto eliminate the control panel screwsto eliminate the top panel, and swing from the front panel. With Maytag and Whirlpool versions, unscrew the lint filter; pop up the top panel disconnect the door switch, and then swing the front panel. Reach below the drum to loosen the belt in the idler pulley. For different brands and for older versions, consult the service manual to get the very best way to obtain access.

Remove the light bulb, present in some GE versions, at the peak of this now-visible bulkhead.

GE Dryers

Find the slide posture tabs just underneath the front panel, and then detach them by pressing down and back. Pull the slide bearing assembly away in the front bulkhead.

Pull the new bearing glide from its packaging and then prepare it for installation by popping out the plug which permits entry into this light bulb socket, if necessary. Slide fresh drum glides into their slots.

Press the lower tabs at the end of this glide into the bulkhead, and pull on the glide toward you to snap its top tabs into place. Reverse your measures — reinstalling the light bulb, repositioning the front panel and also burst, replacing the principal top and control panel to reassemble the drier. Plug in the appliance and analyze it using a load of moist, clean clothes.

Whirlpool and Maytag Dryers

Pull the drum out of the drier. Look for the locking tabs all over the front rim. Pinch the locking poles together with needle-nose pliers and then thrust them through the openings in the drum rim. Pull one-half of this bearing out of this drum and then the other.

Pull the new glide bearing out of its packaging. Line up the tabs with the openings in the drum rim. Snap the tabs to place.

Reverse your measures to reassemble the drier, and analyze it using a load of clothes.

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