Lawnmower cutting blades equipped with lift wings are curved at the ends to help mulch and distribute the cut Grass Care front yard Bakersfield, CA better than traditional flat blades. When installing the blades, the lift wings must face the bottom of the mower deck housing. If the blades have been installed backward, the blade cutting edge faces the incorrect direction and will tear Grass Care prices Bakersfield, CA rather than making clean cuts. Lawnmower blade setup requires only basic hand tools.

Push or park the lawnmower on a flat surface, set the parking brake, and lift the mower deck to the maximum position to get the cutting blade. Disengage the cutting deck and permit the blades to stop before installing the new cutting edge blade. Push-type lawnmowers do not require parking brake or deck height adjustment.

Unscrew the fuel tank cap by hand, flip the lawnmower over on it’s side and drain the gas into a heavy plastic or metal container for push lawnmower models. Pull the spark plug wire from the spark plug and push lawnmower sorts to prevent accidental firing.

Put a wooden block between the cutting blade edge and the interior of the cutting deck to prevent the blade from spinning while removing the blade retaining bolt.

Unscrew the cutting edge blade retaining bolt from the lawnmower cutting blade spindle with a socket and breaker bar. Slide the cutting edge blade and flat washer from the crankshaft. Pull the blade from the blade spindle assembly. Eliminate the wooden block from the lawnmower mower deck.

Set the new blade on the blade spindle assembly together with the cutting edge facing the Landscaping ideas Littleton and the lift wings facing the bottom of the outer deck. Slide the flat washer onto the cutting blade retaining bolt. Hold the cutting edge blade onto the cutting blade spindle assembly with one hand when screwing the bolt into the blade spindle meeting threads.

Set the wooden block back in place between the blade edge and mower deck to correct the blade position. Torque the lawnmower cutting blade retaining bolt with a torque wrench and socket. The recommended cutting edge blade retaining bolt torque specifications vary with distinct lawnmower models and typically can be found in your lawnmower operator’s manual.

Fill out the lawnmower fuel tank with fresh fuel and then push the motor spark plug cable onto the spark plug by hand. Initiate the lawnmower and push or drive it about your yard. Bypass the cutting edge blade and trim a few swipes of yard to check for proper cutting blade surgery.