It’s standard operating procedure to paint your walls a shade while keeping the ceiling white. We’ve been told this makes the room feel bigger and brighter. While there is no doubt a white ceiling will decorate a room, certain ceiling colours can actually make a room appear more expansive. The key to using a daring or dark shade on the ceiling with no space getting cave-like would be to be certain that you have sufficient lighting or restrict the adjacent wall colours to white or another light hue.

Warm colours tend to progress, and cool colors recede, so if you are seeking to visually raise your ceiling height, then stick to cooler hues. On the flip side, when you have high ceilings and care to make them feel for a more romantic vibe — use a warm hue, such as red, yellow or orange.

Have a look at these 10 rooms that feature a bright or bold ceiling color, together with suggestions for how to use an unusual shade on a ceiling of your own.

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When selecting a ceiling shade, have a cue from your favorite cloths and decorative accessories. By repeating a color throughout a place, you’ll create visual rhythm and your eye will move through the room, taking it all in.

A gloomy to attempt: Waterfall 2050-50, Benjamin Moore

Here’s an illustration of how you can visually lower a tall ceiling utilizing color. Together with the hot-pink ceiling shade stretched down the wall a foot or so, this chamber has a fun, young vibe and still feels like a cozy refuge.

A sexy pink to attempt: Orchid Rose S-G-110, Behr

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In case you have walls of windows, the ceiling may be the only location where you can add shade via paint. This happy yellow hue brings our attention up to the intriguing ceiling shape and that brilliant necklace.

A yellowish to strive: Chickadee 3002-1B, Valspar

Laura U, Inc..

This example demonstrates how a wealth of light really provides you the liberty to go as daring with color and pattern as you want. Both the glowing orange ceiling and contrasting checked-pattern floor shout for attention. But the walls of glass and stunning views of the greenery outside keep the room from being too much to take in.

An orange to strive: Invigorate SW6886, Sherwin-Williams


Use color to accentuate interesting architecture or additional details in your home. Conversely, make whatever you don’t want to bring attention to exactly the exact same color as anything surrounds it, and it’ll blend right in.

A yellow-green to strive: Cancun Gold AC204-5, Kelly-Moore

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You can go daring without necessarily going glowing. A deep purple such as this one is a terrific choice for a bedroom, since it is thought to be a relaxed, stress-reducing color. I really don’t think this palette could be as effective in this room when the walls have been painted dark purple and the ceiling have been abandoned white.

A purple to attempt: Tropical Dusk 2117-40, Benjamin Moore


This warm blue is another calming color that’s fantastic for a bedroom. Pair it with gray and white or tan for a calm, trendy vibe.

An aqua to attempt: Aqua Blue 353-5, Pittsburgh Paints

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Another blue bedroom, this one a deeper teal. It looks supercrisp framed from the white ceiling trim. The mild warm gray wall and floor offer a subtle and soft base for this modern palette.

A teal to attempt: Middy Blue A1258, Glidden

Haisma Design Co..

I adore the green shine this chamber gets from the new hue on the ceiling. We tend to associate green with nature, young vibrancy and decent health. This green specifically feels immaculate and clean — ideal for a guest bedroom.

A green to strive: Springtime SW6708, Sherwin-Williams

KUBE architecture

Pretend you are bathing in the great outdoors by painting your bathroom ceiling a pretty sky blue. This specific shade of blue works nicely as a neutral, which means that you may mix it with just about any other color you prefer.

A sky blue to attempt: Denim Day 029-4, Mythic Paint

Inform us : Are you ready to go from a white ceiling to a wow ceiling? Which hue do you enjoy best?

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