The minimalist approach to decor and furniture is just one I come back to time and time again. Whether you really mean to reside with the notion, I think most of us are drawn into the clean lines and quiet yet powerful presence that minimalist pieces deliver without fuss — as they say, “Clear distance, clear mind.” But don’t be deceived by the simplicity of minimalism: Even the most uncomplicated-looking layouts usually have the most thought behind them. — Denise from The Swelle Life

Score + Solder

Big Cube Planter – $130

This is such a minimalist piece, but it’s so much happening. This glass cube planter sits on a single flat edge to appear like it’s floating, and the askew design forces you to think carefully about the makeup of your living structure. Or you may just leave it vacant and call it art.

Yanko Design

Curve Pet Bed – $200

For those who insist their pets don’t mess with the slick lines of their minimalist abodes, there is an alternate to the fluffy, furry mattress which lies on the floor. This variant mounts on the walls, and while I am not certain how your cat or dog gets up there (unless it is near the floor), don’t you think your little guy would make a neat wall hanging? Additionally, this is a excellent method to get feel in your space, unless you’ve got a Mexican hairless.


Box Sofa Compact, Oak – $6,775

On profile, a sofa does not get a lot more minimalist than this one fashioned from a solid wooden box. However, the combination of the timber grain and fabric in a slick rectangular shape make it a standout piece that will pop with some thoughtfully chosen pieces.

Gus Modern – Timber Table – $235

Clear acrylic includes a kind of magic about it. Its almost invisible appearance may be worked into almost any room to add dimension and structure without visual weight.

This little dining table includes a twist: its own wood grain pattern gives it an unusual feel. Its size is ideal for producing tight or awkward space practical and interesting. Additionally, its open bottom allows you to stack a number of tables to make your own curio cabinet.

Funky Rugs

On the Rocks Rug – GBP 1,399

A minimalist room needs a little bit of warmth and texture to keep it from feeling too stark and cold, and this may be accomplished with a well-chosen rug. I love the large pebble impact generated by this felted merino area rug. It would feel great on bare feet, and it is an artisan piece that brings a bit of character to the space.

Design Spotter Shop

Table 241 – EUR 730

This recycled metal and wood table has gone directly onto my want list. The tabletop is magnificent in striped panels of contrasting textures and shades of wood grain, and it does not need a thing on it to look its best. It is a fantastic piece for warming and livening up a space of minimalist whites.

Eklektische Pendelleuchten – EUR 310

This is this intriguing lamp! Its knitted angora wool casing is soft and comfy, yet the narrow and long tube-like structure makes it anything but cuddly. This is a great piece to get a minimalist space that could benefit from only a bit of colour and softness. The lamp’s fluid, flexible design will match linear pieces and help balance the distance.


Foundry Console Table – $299

The framed structure of this beautifully minimalist table provides it dimension with no weight, making it ideal not only for minimalist decoration, but narrow spaces that need furnishing without bulk. At only 10 inches broad, it will still hold all of those items that you want to get rid of if you walk through the doorway, as well as a vase of flowers or a decorative dish.

Bella Bathrooms

Rak Opulence Back-To-Wall WC Pan With Soft Close Seat – GBP 399.83

This toilet is about as minimalist as you’d need it to be, but it is enough that it’d have me looking round the bathroom in a bid to obtain exactly what I was in there for. It is perfect for a space that is more than a bathroom — such as a mixture dressing room and relaxation room — to keep the attention on the more attractive aspects. Plus, the soft-close chair means minimal sound as well, so there’s no unintentional slamming in the evening.

Wholesale Furniture Brokers Canada

Temptation Queen Size Platform Bed – CAD 1,899

A very low Japanese-style platform bed is an ideal style to get a space with high ceilings, maximizing the perpendicular distance. There is something strangely enticing about a stark, minimalist look, and the built-in nightstands imply that you can go as sparse with furniture since you desire.

World Gallery

Mitternacht Blau Silkscreen Printing – GBP 99.99

Barnett Newman, one of my favorite abstract impressionists, is known for his quietly dramatic, large scale colour field paintings that are thought to envelop the viewer in close quarters. This work, even though a smaller reproduction of the original, will add a controlling presence and provide depth and focus to a minimalist space.

FTF Design Studio

Zero Tray – $360

Trays are minimalist in design to begin with, but if you really need less, this snow white circular variant with no raised edges would probably do the trick. Its palette layout indicates it could be held via the hole, so you might want to check those claws are clean until you serve canapés for your guests.

Contemporary Bathtubs – $15,980

This unusually shaped bathtub reminds me of a bar of soap that’s been used several times. Its soft lines, gentle curves and ultraminimalist faucet create a whisper of a bathtub that would be ideal in a relaxation bathroom.

Annaleena Leino Interior Stylist

Clothing Rail Round – $286.77

With or without clothes, this circular railing of hand-forged iron generates a fascinating focal point in the room. As it holds only a few garments, it is just like a minimalist solution to the valet. It is ideal for fashionistas whose clothes are too fabulous to stay hidden in the wardrobe.

Design fürs heim

This is merely a brilliant space-saving “wardrobe.” It is a gorgeously crafted solution for those scores of us who find ourselves with no space for the furniture variant in our bedrooms. It might also function as a device for overflow, enabling us some extra hang space to display our finest fashions.

Eclectic Vases – AUD 290

Forget diamonds. I’ll take my facets within this form, please. Such a striking piece, this resin boat does not need flowers; the way it catches the light is beautiful enough. Each mould is manipulated in its own distinct manner before casting, making each a really one-of-a-kind piece.


Strap Mirror – EUR 193.75

I love the look the all-around hanging strap provides this minimalist mirror. It makes it far more eye-catching than a straightforward metal-framed oblong would be and keeps it from looking too stark.

Jory Brigham Design

Fast Freddy Bench – $2,550

I love this seat looks as though it would take you on a wild ride as soon as you sit down. Its aerodynamic design and color-block cushions make it as much of a super stylish showpiece since it’s a way of relaxation.

Damside Mill

Cable Tall Stool – GBP 125

I like the “stitched-up” look of this tall stool that is created by the cable ties that hold the piece together in lieu of joints and screws. So not only is the look minimalist, however, the hardware is nowhere to be seen as well.


Trestle Desk – GBP 249

I like to blame a bulky desk that inquires clutter for my lack of concentration. I would have no excuses with this trestle-style variant that’s only enough surface area and drawer space to accommodate the essentials.

The dark veneer with all the white drawers and those smart legs make for a great-looking piece that may be admired when you are not trapped beneath it.

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