To get a fast and simple curb-appeal booster, consider switching out your mailbox with a well-designed gem. Distinctive front-door accessories are a simple update that make a warm welcome. Pick any of those 20 mailboxes under or find a prize letterbox of your own! Rachel from Raenovate


HouseArt No. 10 Letterbox Wall-Mount Mailbox, Bougainvillea Pink/Key Lime – $280

This wall-mounted mailbox is made from sheet aluminum and can be found in awesome hand-finished powder-coat colors such as this bougainvillea pink and key lime.

Pottery Barn

Envelope Mailbox, Vintage Brass end – $49

Styled like an envelope, this iron mailbox’s “envelope flap” opens to insert and remove mail.


Shelton Streamline Mailbox – $324

The Shelton streamline mailbox was motivated by sleek functionality, a popular layout trait in the 1930s and ’40s.


Architectural Mailboxes Metal Sand Post Mailbox – $26.97

Designed for post-mount installations, the mailbox front handle adds modern Southwest flair to your curb.

Signature Hardware

Peninsula Locking Wall-Mount Mailbox – $353.95

Having a curved top, rectangular figure, corner embellishments and embossed door, the stainless steel Peninsula mailbox is filled with character.

Pottery Barn

Stella Mail Slot, Antique Silver Finish – $69

As a mailbox alternative, this mail slot comes with a hinged flap embossed with the word “Letters.”


Arroyo Craftsman Glasgow Satin Black Mail Box, Vertical – $187

This vertical mailbox is motivated by Craftsman architecture and can be found in 10 finishes.

Signature Hardware

Vertical ‘Mail’ Wall-Mount Copper Mailbox – $121.95

This aluminum mailbox includes a timeless “Mail” imprint on front.


Harmon Craftsman Mailbox – $399

Inspired by an original 1910 layout, the strong brass Harmon mailbox includes beautiful Arts and Crafts hand-wrought metalwork detailing.

Signature Hardware

Arched Locking Wall-Mount Copper Mailbox – $215.95

This mailbox has a locking mechanism for extra security.


Casa Stainless Steel Mailbox With Newspaper Holder – $260.99

This modern Casa mailbox is created with stainless steel and has a powder-coated matte aluminum mount.

Your Deco Shop

Design Letterbox, Checked Design, Red – GBP 70.95

This brushed stainless steel wall-mounted mailbox is covered with a weatherproof and UV-resistant plaid plastic picture.


Mahogany and Stainless Steel Mailbox from Ce Ce Works – $260

In stainless steel and mahogany, this modernized mailbox was motivated by a retro 1950s model.

Restoration Hardware

Vertical Mailbox – $62.50

Made from stainless steel and available in five finishes, this vertical-mount mailbox includes a piano hinge and can weather the elements.


Retro Modern Mailbox by Retro Handmade Uniques – $595

Having an illuminating customized address plaque and a minimalist modern post, this exceptional mailbox is offered in several punchy colors.

Signature Hardware

Grid Wall-Mount Brass Mailbox – $175.95

The sold brass Grid wall-mount mailbox includes raised decorative bands and a deep interior container.


Umbra Postino Wall-Mount Mailbox, Stainless Steel – $99.99

Umbra’s stainless steel mailbox is both compact and curvaceous, making for a modern layout.


TomTom Letter Box – AUD 149

The Australian TomTom mailbox was motivated by the desire of homeowners to individualize their suburban properties.


Dan Kelly Slim Line Letterbox – AUD 462

For a modern look, choose this Slim Line wall-integrated mailbox.

Signature Hardware

Vertical Wall-Mount Stainless Steel Mailbox With Viewing Panel – $105.95

The front glass panel on the stainless steel mailbox allows you to easily see if you’ve got incoming mail.

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