Designing and creating quality floors is becoming a priority for many homeowners. Floors are now seen as an important part of décor so you cannot take any chances with it. The great thing is that floor designs and ideas are endless. You can choose from a wide array of flooring Anaheim CA trends to transform your home into a classy and elegant living space.

In case you are planning a home remodeling project in 2018, we have a few trends in floor design that might interest you.


Bamboo has been around for a long time in construction but it’s just recently that we are starting to see it being used in floors. Bamboo is the perfect replacement for hardwood. It’s strong, durable, and readily available compared to hardwood. This makes it cheaper for homeowners. Bamboo offers the elegance and the class of hardwood floors without the costs. It’s a perfect choice for the budget homeowner.

Reclaimed Wood

People love using wood for floors. However, for far too long hardwood was the only option available. Because of the high cost, hardwood floors were beyond reach for most homeowners. One trend that we are seeing in 2018 involves repurposing and reclaiming wood to create quality well-polished floors. This is a cheaper option too and very good for the environment.

Large-Format Tiles

We know that tiles have been used for many years for flooring. However, instead of using the smaller tiles, people are starting to adopt large format tiles. The pattern of the tiles installed is not relevant here. Simply get big tiles and that’s it.  Tiles measuring 36” by 36” are already making it into homes and with ease of maintenance and affordability, it’s not hard to see why.

Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl is a strong and high-quality floor material. It’s the epitome of durability. However, in 2018 we are starting to see a luxury twist to vinyl floors. Home design experts say that luxury vinyl is in fact a new category. It is designed to provide the elegance and appearance of hardwood with the durability and strength of vinyl. It is easy to install and maintain too.

American Hardwood

We have always known that hardwood is a popular material for floors. It’s one of the most elegant Anaheim flooring solutions out there and even in 2018 we will see many homeowners going for hardwood. The beauty of hardwood, especially when polished, is often the main attraction. There are designers who are making a few design twists to hardwood but it’s always that authentic polish that makes hardwood the ideal choice for many homes. We expect this trend to continue in 2018.

Well, if you are sitting at home not knowing which flooring Anaheim design to go for, the basic trends above will indeed help. However, it’s all about your tastes and preferences. Always pick a floor that’s aligned with your design goals and budget.

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