When you install solar panels, you will be looking forward to major energy savings in the near future. Your reliance on the national grid will be a thing of the past, and you will also spend less on energy. In order to get the best out of solar panel installation, you must make sure your solar panels are built to last a long time.

Below are some useful ideas that will help you achieve this:

Keep Them Out of the Shade

Always make sure you have the solar panels away from the shade. Even after installation, you should make sure that you don’t have a shade over the panels. In case you are worried about trees in the vicinity, you should think about trimming the trees, not cutting them down altogether, unless it is absolutely necessary. If the panels are unable to meet their performance threshold, you will be losing a lot of money.

Monitor the Panels

You should always take note of the daily performance ratings of your solar panel. Pay attention to the display on the inverter. This is where you will know whether your panel is working well or not. The indicator should tell you whether everything is okay. Most panels come with a 25-year warranty, so get in touch with an expert if you are uncertain about anything.

Clean the Panels

Like any other appliance that you might have installed in your home, you should clean the solar panel. Don’t use cleaning sponges or abrasive soap. You need to have the glass clean and clear to maximize the solar panels potential. The more frequently you clean the panel, the more efficient it will be.

Keep a Daily Record of Your Panels’ Performance

If you can, you should keep a daily record of how the panels perform every single day. Write down the energy produced during the day. Try and get these recordings generally around the same time each day for consistency. Put a mark on the days where the readings went significantly off the pattern because there might be unique reasons for this.

These records will help you understand whether the system is still in good condition and if it’s producing energy as it used to when it was still new. You will also have a solid cause for concern when consulting your technicians.


Solar panels are some of the easiest appliances to maintain in the compound. This is because they are designed to work just fine without any input from you. Once they are installed properly, they should work efficiently.

While the panel runs without any problems, you should also keep it free of obstructions. Depending on where you live and the kind of vegetation you have, you should schedule regular cleaning for the panels, so you can get utmost solar power from the panels. Those who live in windy areas will probably have to worry more about wiping away the particles more often.