Contractors are bracing themselves for a sudden uptake in remodeling projects this year. 2017 has been a great year for the economy and as household levels of disposable incomes rise, there seem to be a feeling that this money may as well go towards remodeling projects at home. Besides, it’s becoming clear among homeowners that the idea of doing handyman San Diego on a regular basis has many benefits even if you seek financing elsewhere.

So, what are some of the trends to expect as far as remodeling is concerned?

Well, here are some of the major ones we think will be central in home remodeling this year:

Universal Designs Will Come To The Fold

The time of baby boomers and the generation X now seems so long ago. These people have gotten older and family structures are expanding by the day. There’s a trend where young people are bringing their parents back home in order to care of them better. College graduates are also not leaving the nest as fast as they used to. There’s an increase in the number of graduates who are staying home. This makes space an issue. As part of the San Diego handyman trends, these generations are likely to go for the more universal remodeling design that focus on accessibility and the ease of use.

Kitchen And Bathrooms Will Remain Popular

Many remodeling projects have always targeted bathrooms and kitchens. We do not expect this trend to change this year. However, there may be additional components that will come to the front line. To start with, handyman services San Diego contractors believe that there may be a big shift from bathtubs towards large walk-in showers that so far are very popular. Contractors also note that some changes will be seen in kitchen remodeling. From the traditional shades of gray that have been popular tones for kitchens, we will see a major comeback of the white color. Even though white floors and kitchen cabinets are a bit retro, they will find some solace in 2017.

Granite And Quartz Will Still Dominate Countertops

The use of quartz and granite countertops has been part and parcel of the kitchen and this will not change in 2017. Quartz in particular has seen a sharp increase in uptake among homeowners and manufactures have done well to produce high-quality designs to this effect. This trend will continue in 2017. But granite will make major gains too. Home improvement contractors note that while quartz is a popular choice, it’s relatively expensive compared to granite. For the budget conscious homeowner who’s looking to remodel their kitchen at a budget, it’s likely that they will prefer granite over quartz. Either way, both countertops will be the number one choice this year.

There are also other trends we are looking forward to. For instance, home automation is expected to be big especially with the outstanding development of smart home technologies. Well, these are the trends to consider this year but as always, before you begin a home remodeling project, always do your homework.

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