It’s that time of year; like you did not have enough wrapping, cooking, and holiday-card writing to do, guests will be descending upon your house, too. To make their stay as pleasant as possible and maintain your sanity, then keep this fast to-do list prepared. It is going to allow you to knock out the trainings in just a couple hours.

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1. Keep things toasty. To keep your guests comfortable on cold nights, be sure they have ample blankets along with an extra duvet on the bed.

Consider your own window treatments. It may just be a matter of adding a simple roll shade to be certain your guests get the privacy they need and won’t be awakened at the crack of dawn.

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2. Provide ample reading light. You do not necessarily need to install new sconces such as these beauties, but in the event the guest room is presently stuck using leftover dim lamps or just one gloomy overhead light, borrow a job lamp or 2 out of your workplace and place them up on the nightstands. If you’re lacking nightstands, floor lamps near the bed is going to do.

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3. Set out a fragrance of fresh flowers. Even a single stem on the nightstand, dresser, or bathroom vanity is going to do. At the winter, clip a branch out of an evergreen for holiday cheer. Extra touches such as this can make your guests feel special.

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4. Give them understand the exact time of day (or night). Hosts frequently overlook the need for an alarm clock for guests because they haven’t slept in the room themselves. Another thing in this room that’s a nice touch is a bottle of water. If you would like to be super-hostess, leave them the newest copy of Folks mag so that they can keep up with the Kardashinanigans.

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5. Supply a comfortable spot for relaxing and reading. If your guests have a nice place to escape into within their rooms, they will be more tempted to hang out there a little and stay out of your hair if you want a little me time.

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6. Give them somewhere to store their things. Living out of a bag on the floor is really a drag. Empty a drawer for their unmentionables.

The dresser in here is serving double-duty as both storage and nightstand.

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Rattan Luggage Rack with Brown Cloth Straps – $78

A portable bag rack is a superb touch and makes unpacking so much simpler. Bonus for you: It keeps guests from putting grubby bag in your lovely guest-room duvet.

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7. Make sure they have a couple hangers for their own clothes. No room at the overstuffed guest cupboard? Buy some over-the-door hooks and put 5-10 hangers on the pins. Pull out your best fabric-covered or wooden hangers for your guests.


BUMERANG Curved Clothes Hangers – $4.49

Here are some Joan Crawford-approved hangers. I pick up a bunch of these every time I head to IKEA, in the hopes that someday there’ll be”no more wire hangers” in my cupboard.


Eames Hang-It-All – $199

Hooks like these provide an instantaneous cupboard when hung on the wall with a couple hangers. Also, they create a fantastic place for hanging those extra guest towels.

8. Produce a cozy guest room in a different space. Many people do not have the luxury of the extra room just for guests. In that case, clear out the clutter in the home office or other space which is going to be temporarily home your nearest and dearest. Pull out the convertible, daybed or futon and make it up for them before they arrive.

9. Supply bathroom solutions. Toothpaste, an extra razor, a fresh bar of soap in the sink and in the shower, shampoo and conditioner are the fundamentals. Make sure it is not a bunch of yucky, half-used, 10-year-old bottles you swiped out of a roadside motel.

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10. Don’t be stingy with towels. Leave every guest two towels and a washcloth. A niche similar to this is the ideal place to keep them handy. You might want to add a freestanding towel rack in case you don’t have enough towel bars in the bathroom for each of your guests. You may even mount a towel bar on the rear of the guest room door.

Idea for simplifying guest linens/supplies: Maintain a shelf or two at the linen cupboard exclusively for guest sheets, towels and bath items. Should you stay with plain white for everything you won’t be attempting to find that missing pillowcase or washcloth in the last moment.

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Traditional Towel Warmer – $129

This warming towel rack from Restoration Hardware is the ultimate luxury item for towels.

Next: How to Be a Fantastic Guest

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6 methods to be a fantastic guest. Let’s flip it around for a minute. If somebody is hosting you, then be sure you’ll be welcomed back.

1. Don’t go empty handed. Good guests arrive with a hostess gift. It needn’t be expensive or elaborate; a pie or coffeecake to assist the hostess, blossoms, a fairly duvet, candle, or bottle of bubbly; it is the thought that counts.

2. Pitch in. Request if the hosts need assistance with cooking, shopping, watching their children, taking Fido for a walk, picking up prior to a large dinner, doing the dishes — you get the idea.

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3. Offer your hosts a rest . Everybody will need a small quiet time during that hectic time of year. Entertain yourself for at least an hour a day so that they could power nap, have a bath, catch up on that matter of People or capture their favourite reality show on Bravo.

4. Pick up the check. Should you venture out to dinner, pay the invoice to show your thanks.

5. Clean Up. Maintain your room and bathroom tidy. On the day you depart, strip your beds and put your towels and sheets onto the washing machine. Leave the bedroom and bathroom tidy and neat.

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6. Send a thank you note as soon as you get home. Better yet, buy a card in the airport and write it while you’re on the airplane.

I will get you started: Buy a postcard of your hosts’ home city and start with had a wonderful time, wish we’re still here.

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