Not all fireplaces are made equal. Oddly exhilarating, these revolutionary fireplaces serve as major interior layout statements and therefore are made to dazzle and impress both homeowners and professionals. Unexpected twists in materials and shapes turn the heat on traditional fireplace designs — take a peek and see whether any inspire a new fireplace into your home.

Wood. Modern meets art deco in this floor-to-ceiling wood fireplace layout. The directional wood grain calls out all of the design elements yet stays in the same color palette.

Hint: Alter the firebox encircle with a finish that has a bit of bling to boost the glam factor.

Shinberg Levinas Architectural Design

Down reduced. This floor-level fireplace virtually disappears visually. The artwork is the focal point, while the fireplace is a detail.

Hint: Paint or Paint the inside of the firebox, and the opening will probably stand out rather than mix.

Elliott + Elliott Architecture

Rock. A massive boulder fire pit comes with a rustic feel but nevertheless produces a bold design statement.

Hint: An additional rock like this creates more places where guests can sit.

Diligence International

Curvy. Proceed and install a round door for play. The heart wood that scoops underneath the door is the very best part of the whole fireplace.

Hint: put in a hearth similar to this one upside down to create a mantel for additional pizzazz.

Bruce Palmer Coastal Design

Mirrored. This theatrical operation of art nouveau–motivated mirror and copper had me staring in disbelief. What a showstopper!

Hint: Alter the standard mirror with a bronze or smoky version to reduce the heavy reflection.

Pursley Dixon Architecture

Pishtaq. This Iranian motif feels at home with many home styles. The straight lines of this coffered wall paneling complement the arched layout perfectly.

Hint: Make an interior of this style feel less rustic by exchanging the animals for artwork and incorporating jewel-toned paint and perforated chandeliers.

CF + D custom fireplace design

Fire as artwork. Instead of hanging artwork on the wall, put a fireplace that has an wonderful art-like quality. Something like this is certain to be pricey but will immediately catch the eye of whoever enters the space.

Hint: This fireplace is perfect for a second home that you don’t stay in for a long time. Just unplug it and head on out.

Visbeen Architects

Glass. This amusement unit is expertly balanced with the glass-surrounded fireplace for a pristine example of modern design.

Hint: Take the glass toward the ceiling even farther for increased design effect.

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