Even though the garden is dormant today, heed the call of the outside and spend time in your favourite garden space. Activities with family members and friends, or even a solo job to center yourself during the hectic holiday period, will bring you in the new year feeling energized and happy.

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Produce outdoor decor that will carry past the holidays using cuttings from your garden. Mix evergreen boughs, brightly colored branches, berries, pinecones and seed heads for aquatic arrangements, wreaths and swags. Inadequate variety of materials to select from in your garden? Plan a exchange party with 2 or a buddy.

6 Branches and Berries to Spruce Up Holiday Decor

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Evergreens Euonymus spp and Mahonia repens, using its bright blue berries, in addition to the colorful stems of redtwig dogwood, are a simple but efficient trio.

5 Container Gardens for the Holidays and Beyond


Create repairs into the hardscape components of your garden, such as arbors, gates and fences. Accessibility to such structures may be easier and there is less chance of damaging nearby plants while the garden is dormant.



Continue building compost. Add kitchen scraps to your compost pile and turn it every couple of weeks to keep it working and breaking down.

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Craft a sophisticated wall hanging such as the one displayed here or keep it simple. Foraging for the components and building them could be an enjoyable memory-making activity for the family. Come spring, this may become home to some of the pollinating insects that are so important to our gardens.

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Bringing Nature Home: Floral Arrangements

Give the gift of gardening. For seasoned gardeners and rank novices alike, the quest for gardening knowledge is never ending. A fantastic garden publication, a membership into a gardening organization like the American Horticultural Society, a gift certificate for a course or a consultation with a garden coach would be a welcome and appreciated gift.

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