Frigidaire’s model number FGF378ACE Gasoline range falls beneath the ES series, which is distinguished by self-cleaning abilities and sealed surface burners. Although the FGF378ACE was originally created from the early 2000s, the appliance shops at Mr. Appliance estimate that a gasoline range can last up to 23 years on the high end — if the range is still kicking but experiencing several hang-ups, follow basic troubleshooting advice directly from the manufacturer.

Start Simple

A lack of power may prevent your FGF378ACE from functioning at all. Make sure that the range is securely plugged into a three-prong outlet and and check your home’s electric service panel for a blown fuse or tripped breaker. Similarly, the appliance wo not work at all if the time of day is not set. To set it, press on the “Clock” button, then press and hold the up or down arrow until the correct time frame appears on the digital display. Release the arrow to finalize your settings.

Adjust Your Temperature

If your Frigidaire FGF378ACE’s temperature appears lacking, adjust the temperature offset — that adds levels of heat to the original factory settings, then essentially recalibrating the oven. Press “Bake” then set the temperature to 550 degrees combined using the up arrow button and then press “Bake” once again until a two-digit display appears. These digits indicate the offset; in the first factory settings, the display reads “00.” Press the up arrow to increase the countertop by around 35 degrees Fahrenheit in 5-degree increments, consequently increasing the operating temperature of the oven. When you reach the desired adjustment, press “Clear Off” to finalize your changes.

Reposition for Heat

The FGF378ACE comes with an oven port on the back of the appliance, just beneath the backguard. If your oven heats up but baked foods seem undercooked, or when the oven runs cool, provide the unit a bit more space to make sure that this port isn’t blocked. Similarly, position your food near the middle of the oven to encourage even cooking. Improper rack posture can impact how much heat your food gets. Frigidaire recommends rack position 1, 2 or 3 for broiling meats, place 3 or 4 for dense baked products, position 5 for fluffy baked goods and breads and place 6 for large roasts and full birds. When baking using the FGF378ACE’s Speed Bake choice, use position 5 or 2 for optimal results. Turn off the oven and allow it to cool completely before adjusting rack position.

Address Other Issues

Having your oven controls set to Celsius can dramatically impact temperature. To reset the controls to Fahrenheit, hold the “Broil” button before “– –” appears, then press the up arrow until “HI” appears. Press and hold “Broil” again until “C” appears, and press the up arrow to change it to “F.” If the FGF378ACE’s surface burners do not light, clear the unlit burner ports of residue using a small-gauge cable or needle. For El Paso AC repair specialists problems that stretch beyond simple troubleshooting processes, contact Frigidaire’s customer service department at 800-374-4432 or submit a service query at the organization’s official site.

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