Spa cushions are integral for comfort when you are relaxing in your spa or hot tub. When the original spa pillow overlooks or becomes damaged, you may end up perplexed in case you haven’t ever eliminated one before. Replacing the pillow is necessary for comfort and to ensure the quality of the water at your spa. Many hot tub manufacturers recommend removing the pillow when you do routine cleaning and maintenance.

Snap-in Pillows

Slide your fingers under the bottom of the pillow. You must lift the bottom lip of the pillow slightly to get your hands under the pillow correctly.

Pull up on the pillow with a firm grip. Continue to pull ahead of the pillow unsnaps in the gym.

Align the tabs on the replacement pillow using the holes to the gym. Misalignment may break the tabs off the pillow.

Hit the new pillow forcefully with your hand before the pillow snaps into position. Use the edge of the fist or the heel of your hands for striking the pillow so that you do not cause any harm to your hand.

Bolt-on Pillows

Pull the insert located on the center of the pillow together with your fingertips. The add comes off, leaving the pillow attached to the spa shell.

Unscrew both mounting bolts exposed once you remove the add. The bolts unscrew using a flat-head screwdriver.

Put the replacement pillow in place, checking to ensure that the bolt holes line up.

Hold the pillow with one hand. Screw the bolts back in the gym. Don’t over-tighten the bolts or you risk splitting the gym.

Pop the center add back in the pillow. Be careful not to pinch your hands while replacing the add.

Pull-off Pillows

Pull the pillow straight up. Don’t pull too hard, because the pillow attaches to articles designed to stop rising before the pillow comes off completely.

Locate the small button to the acrylic spa shell at the base of the posts. Press and hold the button to publish the pillow from the shell.

Pull up on the pillow whilst continuing to hold the button. Remove the pillow in the spa.

Line the poles of this replacement pillow up with the holes to the spa. Ensure that the pillow is facing the correct direction so the posts do not jam or bend.

Press the exact same small button that you pressed when removing the old pillow as you push on the new pillow into position. Should you encounter any opposition when pushing the pillow, then stop pushing and pushing the pillow before trying again.

Pillows With Retainer Clips

Catch the right side of the pillow. Pull the pillow to the right before the first retainer clip discharges.

Pull the pillow in the left side. Continuing pulling until the second retainer clip discharges.

Slide the right side of this new pillow onto the right retainer clip situated on the spa shell in which the pillow installs.

Pull the left side of this pillow with both hands. Lift the pillow above the left keeping clip.

Slide the pillow onto the left keeping clip. Keep your hands from the clip to keep them.