Recessed televisions have an impressive method of earning a room automatically look uncluttered and clean. But trying to find out where to place the cable box, DVD player, Wii, Blu-Ray player, and all of their cables can be challenging. Summit Design Remodeling in Fairfax, Virginia came up with a nifty trick to get a current customer who wanted to find an appealing way to conceal the components for their recessed, wall-mounted TV.

Summit Design Remodeling, LLC

For this particular project, the customer wanted to frame out an existing wall to install a fireplace and TV niche. The firm inserted a patterned panel into a cabinet door, and attached it to the allotted space. “This niche not only hides all of the cables to get a nice, clean appearance,” says Summit’s design adviser Emily Miner,”but it also allows for heat and air circulation for the electrical parts.”

Most electronics emits heat, so it’s important to be certain that whatever place the TV parts are in has ventilation. And if you are concerned about your remote, try installing an RF repeater — which sends a signal to the cable box under the TV.

Summit Design Remodeling, LLC

The panel for this particular niche was ordered on the internet, and a carpenter framed and set up the door so it’s flush with the wall. The customer wanted the cabinet to be virtually unnoticeable, so the board was painted to match the wall. The interior of the cabinet is painted , hence the wires can not be seen via the panel.

This distance already had framed sides with sufficient space to make a recessed niche. If this is not true in your house, Miner says you can construct out more wall space to accommodate a niche. Make sure that you frame the distance so it’s a little larger than your electronic equipment. Insert a shelf, cut a hole so that the cables can feed through to the TV, hang drywall, and you are all set!

Made in Layout

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For additional cable organization, try picking up a couple cable management methods to ensure that your niche does not become a tangled mess of cables. These cable turtles neatly spool electronics cables and add a little bit of color and style to boot!

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