Foundation repairs can be very difficult, especially for someone who doesn’t have the expertise to handle them. Most homeowners do not have the slightest idea of what goes on in concrete Chandler. Therefore, it would be a good choice to hire an expert to inspect your foundation and advise you accordingly.

The following are some of the key tips that will come in handy:


Most professional and licensed engineers are never comfortable coming to your home and then having to craft a repair plan. For the best results, it takes a lot of time to draft such a plan. They have to inspect the foundation, take sample tests and use them to determine the appropriate cause of action.

There are companies that outsource foundation inspection to technicians. The role of these technicians is to analyze collected data and give recommendations to the homeowner. The challenge here lies in the conflict of interest, since some of these technicians are only in it for the commissions, and might not be keen on what really matters. You should go for a company that does all the work on their own.


You should hire concrete Chandler AZ technicians who have been trained by different institutions or organizations. This way, they will be able to deal with most foundation problems. Someone who has only been trained by one organization might not be able to handle other problems that they haven’t been trained on.

Inspection Standards

There are set standards and regulations in the industry that should be followed in the course of foundation inspection. Make sure that the inspectors explain to you what they are about to do, and why, according to the industry guidelines.

Severity Assessment

In case you need a foundation repair Chandler service, you should assess how severe is the problem? Your inspector must explain to you why the foundation needs repair, and provide proof of this. Anything less than might as well be a salesperson trying to milk a commission out of you.

Engineer Reviews

Whatever work that is being done in your home has to be reviewed and approved by a licensed professional engineer. Before you receive any recommendation by the expert, they must get the approval of an engineer. In case there’s no engineer on site, the credibility of the report you get won’t inspire confidence in you.

Homeowner Suggestions

As a homeowner, there are some suggestions that you might have regarding how Chandler concrete should be done. In case you have some suggestions regarding the repair which involve technology that the company does not have, they should provide feasible solutions or alternatives.


The reputation of the company that will inspect your foundation is another issue that you should never take lightly. Take your time and research online. Learn more about the company by reading reviews about their work and their inspectors.

Local Conditions

The inspector should be familiar with the prevailing local conditions. There are some practices that do not apply in every part of the country. If this is not the case, the repairs might be done, but the risk of error would be significant.


A good inspector should be honest with their findings. They should communicate them as clearly as possible. If possible, they should be able to explain themselves in layman terms.