I enjoy lake homes that remind me of summer camp — only replace the trumpet wake-up call with the smell of bacon frying, substitute a TempurPedic mattress to your cot and swap in certain sangria in lieu of this bug juice. Other than that, I will take a bunk, a good spot for telling ghost stories and roasting marshmallows and a rustic vibe.

Make it a place where relaxation will take the area of fancy-schmancy and views of this water will reign supreme. Here are 10 rules of producing a comfy lake camp that guests won’t ever need to leave.

Bruce Bierman Design

Lake House Rule No. 1: No decoration is too lake-theme-y. Go nuts with your canoe coffee table, your oars hanging around the walls along with your bass that sings “Take Me to the River”

Of course, this chamber is so white and crisp the No Wake hint resembles any type of modern art. It is cool to find a minimalistic design getting down with the motif.

Interior Changes home design

Transferring my point home, yes, go for those seats that are created from waterskis and hang a ship in the ceiling if you’d like. It is your lake house, do whatever strikes your fancy.

Whitten Architects

Lake House Rule No. 2: Leave no stone unturned, unstacked, or, oh you know what I mean. A fieldstone fireplace would be the very best kind of lake house fireplace. I really like the natural shape of the one next to each one the clean modern lines of the house.

Whitten Architects

Here is a glance at this poor boy from the inside. Wowza! Yes, an artisan-built fireplace in this way costs a small fortune to build, so if it’s outside of your budget, any type of fireplace will do.

Thom Filicia Inc..

Lake House Rule No. 3: Stock the bar. There isn’t anything like swizzling up a G&T or mocktail lakeside on a hot summer day.

Thom Filicia Inc..

Here is the cocktail deck that goes with the above bar — it’s celebrity designer Thom Filicia’s former lake house.

Check out Thom’s new lake house

Sisson Dupont & Carder

Lake House Rule No. 4: You can never have too much wood, and stated wood cannot be too knotty. Likewise, no sofa is too overstuffed.

Michelle Fries, BeDe Design

Gridley + Graves Photographers

Board and batten, tongue and groove paneling, shiplap and beadboard are also acceptable wall and ceiling options.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

The more exposed beams, the better.

Lands End Development – Designers & Builders

Lake House Rule No. 5: Bunking up is fun. Cramming into a room that sleeps as many as possible can make you feel like a kid again. But, remember to pack earplugs.

Historical Concepts

Lake House Rule No. 6: Enhance your porch time. If your lake house has a lot of resident mosquitos around, you are going to need a screened-in porch. Outfit it with rockers, wicker furniture and a swing.

Michelle Fries, BeDe Design, LLC

Even better, add a beds and fireplace for stuffy nights. There’s no air conditioning at camp, so do enjoy our grandparents used to and place up for sleep wherever there’s a good breeze.

Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC

Mosquito loaded or free up on citronellas? Add a patio or deck that makes the most of the lake perspective.

Historical Concepts

Lake House Rule No. 7: Have as many meals as possible al fresco. Preferably, stated meals are prepared on the grill or over a campfire.

Historical Concepts

Lake House Rule No. 8: collect distance. No cabinets, no room for a nightstand? Not a problem at a lake house. Make the most of the wall area by mounting studying sconces and hooks. Add boxes or drawers under the beds for undies, jeans, T-shirts and other folded clothing.

Durrett Homes

Lake House Rule No. 9: No antique is too rustic. All accessories and furniture are permitted to patina, age, weather and chip as much as they wish to.

Historical Concepts

Lake House Rule No. 10: Keep your landscape low-maintenance. Rock gardens, herbs, woods and mulch result in easy-to-care-for camp surroundings. You don’t need to devote your precious weekend evenings hours pruning and mowing.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

What’s your favourite element in a comfortable lake house? Please discuss it with us in the Comments section.

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