I have had so much pleasure watching ers answer our phone for gnomes all week. You all have some very gifted gnomes! A number of them shield, some delight, some move around, others travel internationally, while one plays with real chickens. I want to respect them with their own ideabook so you can admire them in 1 area.

I believe I have written in my head half the book which should go along with these gnomes from consumer hdm9771. The one in front is lost in a daydream, and the one in red is up to no good. The one with the reddish beard is aware of what’s about to happen and will see it play out.

This gnome, plant and gloomy skies make for a picture I’d love to blow off and place on my wall. “This gnome resides beneath a frequent milkweed in my sister-in-law’s backyard,” says consumer Jennifer Baker. “He’s her backyard muse.”

“Gnomie came into my life in school,” says Robbie Daniels. “He has climbed in my suitcase (without me knowing it) many times. Living here in China, I do not have a backyard, but he manages to get by and make friends on the way. I grabbed him in the act at Thailand and Tibet, and in Beijing conversing with dragons.

Here is Gnomie making more new friends on his journeys.

Chihuahua made lemonade out of lemons — er, a gnome out of a diseased tree. In 1989, four live oak trees were destroyed by pine wilt disease, therefore chihuahua made this chain saw sculpture gnome from among them.

Because every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed gnome. … Doesn’t this gnome look like he’s in the group ZZ Top? Owner arnaudin says, “He keeps watch over my office.”

Some gnomes travel with their owner and get used to new environments.

Gnome owner dfoster says, “We moved from Tennessee to Montana, as well as a friend delivered ‘a small bit of Tennessee’ to us by means of this small UT gnome. Right now, he is awaiting sunny skies to make his house in our flower bed, but he has been traveling extensively since making his way to Montana.”

Sometimes we just have gnomes around to make us grin. Chris Piel says, “I have not named him yet. He makes me happy when I visit him.”

These gnomes stay in the shade in sexy Denton, Texas. “I place my small gnome family in an old birdbath I have in my front yard under a huge pine tree, and they make me smile every day,” says owner kidslatte.

I’d no idea gnomes had sunglasses till you all submitted your pictures. This dapper man belongs to consumer burbridgemag.

Gnomes can resist extreme weather. Owner josicampbell says, “My Gnome cheerfully greets me after a snowfall.”

This gnome is a big baseball fan. “We are enthusiastic anglers and Philadelphia Flyers fans,” says owner hbailey3705, ” this little man was a perfect addition to our yard. He’s facing an outdoor TV so he can keep an eye on the games.”

NNKN received this gnome from her husband Mother’s Day, and it’s a favourite present. Her husband hand-painted it.

Gnomes may look like they are just loitering, but the fact is they’re very busy. “My gnome is really a swinger,” says kroni. “He resides in the pine tree of the NW Mississippi front yard.”

Originally used on German farms to ward off thieves, agricultural gnomes are finding themselves employed in fresh ways. “My little man keeps my chickens company in my backyard by the shore in Los Angeles,” Bette says.

Another chicken enjoys the company of Bette’s gnome.

This gnome has patience. Owner wesdaniels explains he’s “sitting waiting for the spring plantings.”

“My little man must be the ‘evil’ gnome because once I placed him in my hosta beds, and my girls (dogs) ceased ripping them through and tossing up leaves like so much salad,” says jaypamwhite. “I love to think of him as a gentle sentry.”

57downy says, “This is my garden gnome. He discovered these actual toadstools and placed them beside his tree”

“We have about 34 gnomes in our home (they sort of come and go), for example eight gnomes I’ve made myself,” says Kaytea Petro. “They are characters from a comic book I’m working on called Gnometown.”

Be careful buying a gnome for somebody else; you might wind up needing one for yourself. Amber Ritter says, “I purchased a gnome just enjoy this but red for the daughter-in-law for Christmas. I liked it so much that I purchased one in turquoise for me.”

staffer Doug Durando showed us a part of his mum’s gnome collection. “She’s also smitten with flamingos,” he says, “and, strangely, tomatoes”

Gnomes are often passed down in families. consumer phizziwig says, “This gnome was passed to my husband’s mom from her mum about 20 decades back. He’s lived indoors because time, first at my mother-in-law’s and today with me. I took him outdoors to your photo shoot, and I believe he actually loved it!”

I would have thought this was his house, wouldn’t you?

This gnome is closely assessing on the rain gauge. “I really like shifting my gnomes around,” says consumer Organized Impressions. “After all, they’ve come a long way from Germany (that is where I’m from, but we all now live in the beautiful Crescent City of New Orleans). My gnomes are shooting our balcony over one by one.”

Gnomes are a part of the artwork for Christen Lucas, who says, “We’re photographers and did a gnome shoot a week … and believed it’d be ideal to share. You can see the entire shoot, but here’s a little glance. I actually just got the classic little gnome a week by a fellow photog … so cute!”

“We blame lost biscuits, puzzle spills and the rest of the naughtiness on our gnome,” says marketplace editor Lily Gahagan. “It is the key to a happy house!”

Some gnomes seem to have extraterrestrial powers. Hopengilly says, “Sugar, the cat, was nearly beamed aboard the wheelbarrow of both of these gnomes in our backyard.”

There’s not any rest for the weary gnome. “Here is Mr. Gnomie, constantly hard at work,” says owner lidabida.

Mary Dolata’s gnomes appreciated the backyard.

I’m not sure this gnome keeps watch with this hat over his eyes, but owner catherinewood says, “This is Phred, my garden gnome, and he shields my garden. Kinda seems like he must be from the diamond mines; that’s why I got him. Hopefully find a diamond in the rough in my flowers.”

Trio Landscaping says this gnome goes to its garden shows and keeps a watch on bubbling boulders.

Tree stump stool and this Philippe Starck Gnome belong to consumer furpants. “Our gnome and log have been with us for 10 decades now. They move around our distance a great deal and remind us to not take our designs too seriously.” Amen, furpants, amen.

I will finish this ideabook with the bunch’s gnome story. consumer sunshine1968 says, “Our gnome is called Michael, after my daughter’s dad, who passed away suddenly a year and a half a year ago. She’s 12 here and it’s her grad day for grade 7. She wanted a bit of her daddy. Michael is our guardian angel. He looks after our backyard and us. Her dad had a green thumb, and we believed it was fitting”

This was likely the most fun I’ve ever had putting an ideabook together. I’d love to thank everyone for sharing your gnomes and stories with us.

Add your gnome photo below!

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