Spring is here! It’s time to find pots for those plants you are picking out at the nursery. If you would like something different and unique — something with colour, style and comedy — join me as we test out the best that Houzz members have to provide, from DIY projects to repurposed crap to clever uses of everyday items. These notions will leave you motivated and digging through the garden shed to discover new toys.


1. Use multiples.

One glowing turquoise planter makes a statement, but 15 of them? Brilliant! Any container used will produce a stunning impact. Add a bright colour and the effect is heightened even more.

West Elm

Shane Powers Ceramic Wall Planters – $19

This assortment of planters adds a breath of style to an otherwise blank fence. The divergent contours are merged by the white colour.

The Lettered Cottage

2. Use crap.

Can you have crap sitting in your garage? Can any of these bits hold a couple cups of soil? Bravo: You have a planter. Only drill a couple holes at the ground, then add plants and soil. These repurposed troughs are an ideal example — from the mouths of pigs to the origins of herbs.

What else would you have lying around the cellar? Tin cans, an old tin bucket, a classic typewriter? Plant it!


3. Use paint.

Do not be scared to paint pots. Exterior paint will last several seasons on a typical terra-cotta pot and will give your space a shot of design for pennies. This dipped bud brings the best look to a contemporary space.

Go for a softer look with earth tones. Cinder blocks dolled up with a coat of burnt yellow serve the double use of planter and room divider.

4. Use terra-cotta.

Terra-cotta is beautiful but sometimes gets a bad rap as dull and unstylish. I think terra-cotta may make a grand announcement, but it is best if used in groupings. Consider collecting a variety of sizes and shades of terra-cotta pots at local yard sales and then set them onto a ladderlike plant stand. The effect is magical.

Blasen Landscape Architecture

Distinguish your assortment of terra-cotta by going large in scale. Oversize baskets can home trees and shrubs and make a grand visual announcement.

Small Spaces Vegetable Planters – GBP 15.95

5. Use metal.

These marginally beat-up, dented planters look just right contrary to the fresh new growth of lettuces and greens.

Burke Decor

Element 19-Inch Planter by Planterworx – $210

Do you desire a reclaimed industrial look but wait to pick through Dumpsters? You can buy aged, rusty planters in unique shapes to accomplish the effect.


Air Plant Pod – $32

6. Use whimsy.

Most plants naturally grow on trees in the jungle. Use this to your benefit and try hanging planters out of the ceiling. Some plants do not even need soil to grow, so you may want to experiment with hydroponics. Want to learn more? Check out progressivegardening.com.


Ceramic Pig Planter Vintage Design in Lemon Yellow by Fruit Fly Pie – $34

A yellow pig planter? Why not? Use your pots and planters as an opportunity for self-expression.

Planted heads? Yes, please.


Porcelain Egg Planters Wheat Grass Kit Egg Sprouts by Eco Elements – $25

Whether you are planting wheatgrass in tiny eggs or succulents in a classic typewriter, planters are a great place to bring a little personality to your space. Peek through your garage, your basement or even the old shed out back with a watch for containers which may make good planters.

The only thing stopping you is your imagination. Now go plant something!

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