The aim of super-sleek d├ęcor is to keep things very, very straightforward. The appearance can be created with the use of organic forms, monochromatic schemes and diminishing layout to only its necessary elements. If you would like to take simplicity to the intense in your bathroom, read on. It’s possible to create a very bold statement with this style.


Aquamar White Serie

1. Straightforward silhouettes. A no-fuss approach is imperative. Clean lines and streamlined pieces are the main elements. Stay away from anything with extreme curves or carvings and only utilize simple pieces.

2. Monochromatic palette. White, off-white and neutral colors would be the principle for a super-sleek bathroom. Repeat this simplicity on your accessories as well.

Quezada Architecture

3. Bare textures. You can surely include textures on your sleek bathroom for style and warmth if they stay natural and bare. A concrete wall comprising the traces of a wood plank creates a nature-inspired bathroom that remains true to the minimalist theme.


4. Keep wood. The use of wood should be limited to bits which are extraordinarily straightforward. They could do the job very nicely, including color and texture, provided that they have minimal details or none at all.


5. Elevate storage components. Attempt to include sleek built-ins to start the space and conceive an area untouched by disturbance.


6. Sculptural aesthetic. All bits in your bathroom should elicit the attractiveness of sculptures, with simple lines and curves that are loose. The design’s shape should provide the very least resistance to fluid flow.

Sara Baldwin Design

7. Add colour not paint. If you want to add a dramatic flair to a sleek bathroom, select colored stones for your walls or flooring. Here, a marble substance called Blue Lighting creates a striking background.

Zack|de Vito Architecture + Construction

8. Keep accessories tamed. Stay away from colorful or texturized accessories. Only include items with similar shapes and colors and place them in a repetitive pattern to create a solid minimalist appearance.

Moroso Construction

9. Plain is good. An entirely white bath with a super-sleek tub and accessories is the pinnacle of the minimalist approach.

BAAN layout

10. Take in the view. Let a stunning view be the protagonist in your bathroom. With a sleek, nearly Zen-like design theme, the opinion can be the most important attribute, undisturbed by the toilet’s layout.

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