Craftsman tillers are known for their durability and ease of use. Many home gardeners use Craftsman tillers in place of a manual cultivator to make putting a Grass Care service Phoenix or turning the soil less strenuous. These tillers are powered by a gas motor that drives the tines using a belt, which may wear out over break and time. To replace a tiller belt, then you’ll need a few simple tools. Make sure that the motor is off and cool before beginning.

Identify the belt guard, which can be situated on top of the belt. Remove the two screws in the face of the belt guard using the screwdriver. Remove the hex nut in the belt guard using the adjustable wrench. Pull the belt guard off of the tiller with your hands; it should slip away easily.

Slide the belt off of the motor pulley, transmission pulley and idler pulley with your fingers.

Slide the new belt above the transmission pulley, over the idler pulley and about the motor pulley.

Replace the belt guard above the belt and screw both belt guard screws back in tightly together with the screwdriver. Put in the hex nut tightly together with the adjustable wrench.