Put a garage door’s safety features on top of your record when evaluating a new one for your house. The materials that enter the garage door’s construction also influence how long the door continues before you have to purchase another one, so listen to the way yours is assembled.

Safety Attributes

Most men and women think of the laser sights on the base of the garage door because its best security features, but those sights arrive with the garage door opener and motor, not the garage door itself. Start looking for a garage door that offers pinch-resistance when closure, especially in the event that you have kids. This design feature pushes fingers out of the way as the door closes. Request about tamper-resistant security bottom mounts that prevent loosening if you’re making a repair once the cables are still taut.

Door Spring Design

At the very top of paneled garage doors is a long bar with the counterbalanced springs that actually open the door. After the door is shut, the spring is wound tightly. The spring unwinds as the door opens, which actually provides the force that opens the doorway. High-quality garage doors possess these springs concealed inside a steel tube as they’re under high tension, making them very harmful if they’re exposed and break.


With focus on energy-efficiency, a well-insulated garage door provides comfort to your garage and creates a buffer zone for the house. If you prefer to work on projects in the garage, an insulated door may make the difference in the comfort level inside the garage. An added benefit of an insulated garage door is its own sound-dampening qualities. If you are living in a noisy area, an insulated garage door can help to muffle outdoor sounds.

Garage Construction Materials

Garage doors made of steel usually last at least 10 years or a little longer. For maximum protection against rusting and the weather, then select a garage door with a baked-on finish, both the undercoat and the top coat. Vinyl or plastic garage doors may last much longer than steel ones do — it is dependent upon how well the doorway has been made, the reputation of the manufacturer and the garage door guarantee.

Warranty Types

Examine the warranty on the garage door. Some garage doors include one-year or limited warranties. But high-quality garage doors include limited lifetime warranties. Depending on the manner of door you select, parts of the garage door may have different warranties. Coatings, construction and components can all come under different warranties. Steel garage doors of high quality, for instance, may have a limited lifetime warranty against decay or flux of their outer skin of the doorway.