Whether you’re trying to find the belt size for a Snapper riding mower or a self-propelled walking version, you first must know the type of belt you require. Some Snapper models have drive belts which propel the mower that the forwards, while others are only equipped with a deck belt to turn the blades. Understanding your mower’s belt length is essential, but should you order, you’ll want the belt’s part number to guarantee you’re getting the right one for your mower.

Rear Engine Deck Belt

When the cutting deck belt in your mower has become frayed, it is time to replace it. Snapper’s 73 1/2-inch belt matches rear engine riding models with decks 25 to 30 inches wide in its string 7 through string 14 mowers, equipped with steering wheels. This belt also matches walk-behind models from the 0 through 6 string, equipped with handle bars and a 33-inch deck. This double V-style belt is 1/2 inch wide, and Snapper carries it beneath part number 7022252. Local automotive parts dealers carry this belt beneath a different part number, but might cross-reference it to ensure you get the right one.

Hydrostatic Drive Belt

Snapper’s LT100 series of hydrostatic drive mowers are equipped with a belt which transfers electricity to the transmission, so which makes the tractor go. The belt for LT100 mowers, such as models CLT23460, LT24520 and SLT24520, is 85.4 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. Snapper carries it beneath part number 7035500. This belt is the exact same size for mowers with 46-, 50- and also 52-inch decks — it runs out of a pulley on the transmission, at the back of the turtle, to a pulley near the front of the tractor, rather than the width of this deck.

Zero-Turn Deck Belt

Zero-turn mowers have large decks and require more deck drive belts than standard riding mowers with decks of the same width. Snapper models 355Z, 360Z and 400Z have a deck drive belt 151 1/4 inches long and 1/2 inch wide on both 44- and also 50-inch decks. Snapper carries this belt beneath part number 5023256. When you remove this belt, use the lever on the idler pulley to release the stress. This allows the belt to slip off the pulleys.

Self-Propelled Drive Belt

Snapper self-propelled mowers have a V-style belt to transfer electricity from the transmission to the wheels so the mower does most of the job. If this belt becomes worn, the mower no more propels itself forward. The drive belt for version SP105 is 31 1/4 inches long and carries Snapper part number 703374. The SP105 comes with an adjustment feature in the drive-control housing for tightening tension on the belt. If your mower isn’t propelling properly, try adjusting the tension before replacing the belt.

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