Quick: What? I’d be prepared to wager that it isn’t wood. Nevertheless wooden chandeliers can be equally as tasteful as their sparkly crystal cousins — and they’re a lot more versatile. Put a crystal chandelier in a rustic cabin and the room instantly appears overdressed; hang a wooden one in a traditional living area, and the room feels cozier on contact.

Listed below are eight great ways to incorporate wooden lighting fixtures.


This chandelier, almost Swedish in its clean, curvaceous appeal, brings crucial swoop to a linear distance and echoes the golden wood tones of the flooring and the image frame.

Wendi Young Design

Instead of a traditional brass or crystal model, a sinuous painted, distressed wood chandelier refined in this bedroom and accentuates the interplay of rustic.

Saint Dizier Design

Simple in form yet dramatic in size, this chandelier works as a part of functional sculpture which helps to pull down the high, cavernous ceiling.

Terrie Hall

A metal chandelier may have worked within this lodge-like area, but wood amplifies the warmth of the rock fireplace and the ceiling beams. It seems homier and down to earth.

The Spotted Frog Designs

This setting is a lesson in balance. The chandelier, made from wine barrels, adds visual weight to the lowered seating area and keeps the composition from feeling off kilter, and it reproduces the deep brown of the wooden cabinetry in the adjoining room.

RWA Architects

A set of chunky fixtures with a natural finish accentuates the textural contrasts within this living area and picks the colour of the brick.

Bliss Design

The chandelier that is wooden helps to lessen the formality of this distance. Imagine substituting one of crystal or brass — the area would instantly feel more imposing.

Rachel Reider Interiors

Made from bamboo plywood, this classic David Trubridge Coral Pendant adds a complicated, cursory note to a minimalist area.


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