There aren’t many things as cozy as snuggling up in a warm, comfortable bed during the warmer seasons. Depending upon your climate, this may mean unearthing that heavy, age-old quilt from storage, or even including a cuddly additional blanket. Regardless of your own cool-weather wants, the time is upon us to winterize our bedrooms. Here is how to get a head start for creating a warm, chic bedroom which will prove the perfect respite from the cold outdoors.


You can’t conquer a quilt for heat in the warmer months. Choose a patchwork one with loads of color and fold it in the end of your mattress when not in use.

Lola Nova

Do not be scared to pair a colorful patchwork quilt with printed sheets…the mixture of textures will increase the warmth.

Plaid blankets warm up both the space and the bed’s inhabitants. Do not worry, this conventional pattern may continue to be chic. Simply put it with a modern headboard, side tables and accessories and there’ll be nothing”Grandma” about your look.

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Obviously, the timeless comforter is always a cozy option. Opt for a classic look that will last for decades, like a solid color or a timeless layout. They are generally easy to wash, so their maintenance is reduced upkeep.

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Create an autumnal bedding landscape with colours that reflect the season, such as deep oranges. If your climate doesn’t get too cold, the accession of a medium-weight blanket may be all you require.

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Another option is choosing rich colours such as silver…

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… or gold for heat with a hint of glamour. If you experience quite cold winters, a lace duvet is a fantastic alternative because it holds the heat more efficiently than linen or cotton.


Do not feel as though you need to prevent white. This shade can be heated up with ease via feel, like the stitching pattern with this cozy duvet from Target. A few brilliant, patterned throw pillows add even more texture to finish the look.

My Sweet Savannah

Also, you can attain a warm white look through lots of layering. Pile on a comforter, heaps of pillows, sheets and shams for a winter look that will make your mattress almost too inviting.

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Another way to warm up your bedding is by mixing many different patterns prints through blankets, sheets and pillows. Choose many different colours to increase the visual feel. Including colors such as a deep gray will ground the look using a cozy vibe.

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Do not want to swap the bedding out for a whole? Accessories will also operate to warm up your look, like this cozy faux sheepskin throw.

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Eventually, they can simply adorn your mattress with loads and lots of throw cushions. Cozy to the max!

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