An extension pole called a pole, lowers the fan blades when the blades could hit the side of a sloped or cathedral ceiling. Some enthusiasts set on ceilings that are overly-high utilize a downward rod to bring down the blades to a productive level. Replacing an existing fan that uses a rod that is downward is different than replacing without a pole.

Turn off the circuit breaker switch for the lamp at the main circuit box. Alter the fan off and on several times to ensure that there is no power to the enthusiast.

Unscrew the ceiling casing and slip it down the pole out of the way. Remove the rod bracket. A drop pole has a cotter pin that’s removed from a pin that runs though the pole along with the bracket. Slide the pin out, after removing the cotter pin with the pliers. Whilst shooting off it by the bracket since this may harm the circuit box wiring do not let the enthusiast drop.

Eliminate if you’ll replace the bracket 12, the ceiling bracket. Unscrew the cable nets connecting the fan wiring from the home wiring. The enthusiast is prepared to be set.

Attach a ceiling bracket in place of the previous one. Make sure the circuit box wiring is pushed through the hole at the bracket so that you have access to it afterwards.

Pull all the wiring in the fan unit and then extend it straight, eliminating kinks or any twists in it. Push on the wiring via the base of the drop rod and pull at it in the surface of the rod. Whether there are any obstacles from the fall pole, like mounting pins, remove them before trying to push the cable through it.

As your distinct model orders, Twist the base of the drop rod to the fan motor foundation. Frequently it’s similar to the at the top of the pole, with a pin to hold a mounting pin that goes through the drop pole along with the fan base, sealing them together.

Twist the bottom cap that goes on the cover that goes over the fall rod ceiling and drop pole connection along with the motor base bracket assembly down across the fall rod.

Lift the fan motor base up so that the top of the fall rod is by the ceiling bracket. Connect the black cable with the wire and the black wire with the cord with the wire nuts the manner the older fan was connected. Shove surplus and the cable nuts cable into the circuit box.

The top of the rod to the ceiling bracket that you connected the fan motor foundation and the base of the pole together. Slide the cover over the ceiling bracket and then screw it into position.

Attach and turn the power back on. Test the enthusiast times by turning the switch off and on.

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