When you suspect that there’s a problem with the carburetor in your Craftsman Model 917.377593 and you’ve resolved to undertake the repair yourself, then you will likely need to eliminate the bowl kit out of the carburetor. You have to first remove the carburetor before removing the bowl kit. Only then is it possible to prior to proceeding with the rest of the repair, detach the bowl kit.

Pull on the spark plug boot from the plug to disconnect the spark plug wire and prevent the machine from beginning during the repair.

Loosen the knob and remove it and the air filter. The cover can be pulled completely off once the knob is loosened and is hinged. Remove and get rid of the base.

Loosen the bolt that attaches the carburetor to the stud. Pull the gasket onto the outer border of the carburetor off and put it aside. Pull on the carburetor from the stud.

Twist the carburetor upside down and remove the bolt on the bottom of the carburetor bowl with the socket that is appropriate. The bowl is attached by this bolt to the carburetor. By removing it, the bowl kit will be detached .

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