A traditional bay window rod connects three separate straight rods, making a curved creation which mimics the form of the window below. Start with properly installed and spaced brackets, and use this to guide the assembly of the rod. Take full advantage of your bay window by installing the brackets as close to the ceiling as possible, creating the illusion of height. For a balanced look, ensure that the two end brackets are set up a minimum of two inches beyond the frames of the left and right outside windows.

Put the rods on the Landscaping design Flagstaff, AZ in front of the window, then arranging them so that you can Bay window rods typically include three straight rods, one to go above every window, and four curved connectors — two which clip on the principal brackets and two which connect the rods on the inside of the alcove.

Rest the curved connectors on each bracket. Assess the distance between every one to ascertain the approximate length of each rod. Adjust the rod lengths in accordance with these dimensions.

Secure the provided attachment screw into the conclusion of the outside, circular link rod on the leftmost side of the first window.

Take the rod which goes above the left side and then secure it to the first curved connector, twisting the end of the rod on the end of the screw. Secure a screw into the end of the rod. Expand the sealed end of the left rod into the inner connector.

Twist a screw into the unattached end of the inner connector. Pick up the longest rod, meant to hang above the center portion of the bay, and attach it to the left inside connector. Secure a screw to the opposite end of the rod, then attach it to the proper inside connector.

Secure a screw to the open end of the proper inside connector. Twist the rod for the right window into place. Line up the screw connected to the outside curved bracket with the open end of the rod and connect them.

Adjust the distance of each rod so the corner bits are centered above the brackets in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and every rod is centered above the window below.

Secure the constructed bay window rod to the brackets with the provided screws. Screws typically push via the bracket and into or above the rod, locking it in place.