Portulacaria afra — known more generally as the elephant bush — is a succulent indigenous to South Africa. It thrives in Sunset Climate Zones 8 through 9 and 12 through 24. This Stump Removal price Fort Lauderdale, FL reaches heights of 3 feet using a spread of 4 feet and adapts to both shade or full-sun. Portulacaria afra isn’t specific in regards to the pH and adapts to a variety of soil, but does need well-drained soil.

Cut a 4- to 6 inch cutting in the growing tip of your Portulacaria afra using a clear sterilized razor-blade. Scissors or Stump Removal price Phoenix shears can bruise the stem creating delayed recovery.

Remove the bottom leaves in the stem cutting, leaving a 2- to 4 inch portion of of the stem bare.

Dip the bottom 2″ of the stem of your Portulacaria afra in rooting compound cutting. Tap the stem from the container to remove excess powder. Many choose to pour the powder that is rooting right into a paper cup after which dispose of cup and the extra powder . This stops contaminating of rooting powder, the container.

Place the cutting in a well-ventilated location type and to recover a callous. Healing time varies, but generally ranges from a day or two into a week for Portulacaria afra.

Mix four parts perlite or sand with one part potting soil and fill a 4 inch pot with all the mixture. Firm the soil down with your fingers to level the area. This produces soil that gives excellent aeration for the cuttings and drains well.

Insert the stem of your Portulacaria afra to the mixture into a depth of 2″. Firm the soil round the stem of your cutting together with your fingers to secure it.

Add a 1/4- to 1/2 inch layer of gravel on the very top of the pot to to store water when watering, and prevent soil.

Water to moisten the soil. It wants even dampness for youthful roots to develop although Portulacaria afra doesn’t usually need regular watering.

Place your cutting warm, in a sunny, well-ventilated location. Move your Portulacaria afra to its place once roots have shaped as well as new progress is shown by the Shrub Removal near house Phoenix, AZ.

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