Modern door bell transformers step-down 120-volts of electricity to between 12-volts and 24 volts. The voltage that really reaches the door bell chimes is regulated by the transformer. Knowing so, you will find that 16-volt transformer installation is no different than any installation that is door bell. The transformer voltage output, nevertheless, should match the door-bell chime voltage dependence on the the system to function properly. In the event you are retro-fitting a 16-volt transformer right into a door-bell chime circuit, when the transformer has burned-out, say in a real estate software, ensure the chime does, in reality, need 16 volts commences.

Where the unique transformer was situated locate the junction box. Flip the circuit-breaker and turn the power off .

Remove the junction box cover using a screwdriver. Test the wire connections inside using a tester. Flip off the key breaker when there’s voltage. Test.

Remove the transformer, if relevant. Unscrew the wire nuts that connected the aged wires. Pull the wires out. Unscrew the door-bell wires on the very front of the transformer. Pull them a way. Unscrew the lock nut keeping the transformer set up on the junction box. Use a needle-nose pliers. Popout one of the side knock-outs if there was no transformer to start with. They can be easily inward using a screw-driver, then grasped using a needle-nose pliers, bent forth and back, till they snap-out.

Mount the transformer to the knock-out hole. Screw on the lock nut in the inside and tighten down it using the pliers.

Attach the transformer wire that is black . Strip the wire using a wire strippers till about a 1/2 inch of bare displays. Use a wire nut to secure the wires. Repeat this procedure using the wire that is white.

Attach the wires that are door-bell . The wire that is hot is the direct wire in the button, as well as the wire is the direct wire in the chime. Where the hot-wire is likely to be attached a screw on the transformer denotes. Any screw that is coloured denotes where the wire is likely to be attached. Screw them down firmly.

Replace the junction box cover and flip the breakers straight back to the “On” place.

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