A native of Madagascar, the Dypsis Lutescens palm Stump Removal estimates Fort Lauderdale, FL called butterfly palm or the areca — grows clusters of slender stalks with leaves that are feathery. This palm does best in warm, humid conditions. A popular house Stump Removal prices Fort Lauderdale, the areca palm is simple enough to care for so long as you don’t Over Water it. Even though it’s huge feeder, its fronds might yellow if it’s over-fertilized. Don’t be alarmed about sooty flecks that produce around the palm’s sheaths as they happen naturally and aren’t a signal of disease or pests.

Fill saucer or a tray . Set it in an area with indirect light. Pour water to the tray to fill it about two-thirds of the way. Place the areca palm that is potted . Make sure water is not being touched by the bottom of the pot.

Drains in the underside of the pot. From spring through fall, water the palm as quickly as the soil feels dry a little below the area. It’s possible for you to go somewhat longer between waterings in the winter months.

Fertilize the areca palm about every 90 days, except during the winter period. Use a balanced fertilizer and use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Dust the palm fronds using a moist cloth. Check the underside of the leaves occasionally for spider mites and mealy bugs, pests to which the Stump Removal service Fort Lauderdale, FL is especially vulnerable. Wipe them off the leaves together with the moist fabric should you see any.

Trim fronds off as they yellow and dry.

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