If you are just upgrading or when planning a house for resale, attention needs to be taken to make every thing seem original. Over time oak flooring turns a mild-amber colour that just comes with age. When you repair an oak flooring using a fresh piece of oak, it stand out and could be a lot lighter than around wood. It might have to be re-finished to match the present flooring even in the event the patch is a couple of years old. For the best results, take a short while to coincide with the spot and topcoat. Visit a home improvement retailer, fit lacquer and the stain on some rubbish oak and arrive at work.

Put strips of masking tape across the outside of the spot as near the edge as you possibly can. Using 100-grit sandpaper on a hand-block, sand the patch easy. Sand parallel to the grain just. Eliminate any dust using a tack material.

Dampen a cotton cloth with stain. Brush the spot on the spot with strokes parallel to the grain. Wipe it off promptly using a dry textile when the patch comes with an even layer of stain on it.

Dunk a little brush in to an open can of pu. Brush the pu on the spot. Wait producer ‘s recommended time for the goods to dry.

Sand the spot using a bit of medium-grit steel-wool. Wipe off the dust using a tack cloth. Brush another coat of polyurethane on the spot. Await the patch

Apply up to four layers of polyurethane to complete. You don’t have to after the first one to sand between layers.

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