Husky’s 1600-series power drier, which features the producer’s Click-N-Clean adjustable spray lance and a 35-foot power cord, focuses on maneuverability and easy residential use. While electric models tend to be a bit more user-friendly than complicated gas-powered washers, the 1600 series — containing both the H 1600 and HD1600 — isn’t immune to the occasional hiccup. When trouble strikes, follow troubleshooting advice provided by the producers at Husky.

Basic Problems

As an electric-powered drier, a circuit overload may cause your Husky 1600 to close down or keep it from beginning. In cases like this, check your home’s electric service panel for a tripped breaker or a blown fuse — the 1600 requires a dedicated circuit rated at a minimum of 15 amps. To prevent a blown fuse, avoid using other big devices on the exact same circuit as your drier. Should you use an extension cord, it must be rated at 15 amps too. Prior to moving on to more complex troubleshooting measures, check the gun security trigger and release the lock if your 1600’s trigger will not move.

Water Woes

Releasing air from the pump functions as a easy fix for low-pressure water output; eliminate the wand and permit the washer to operate since you depress the gun’s trigger until the water output normalizes. If your water output seems to lack detergent, ensure that the clear tubing is securely linked to the detergent nozzle. Likewise, check the associated water supply and make sure that the tap is totally open and there are no kinks in the hose to ensure optimum pressure. Utilizing a shorter Stump Removal tips Littleton hose causes stronger pressure, as well — Husky recommends a hose with a maximum length of 50 feet for a city water source.

Clearing Clogs

In case your Husky 1600’s pressure seems its water flow is blocked, wash the nozzle by removing the wand from the gun, clearing the nozzle hole of struggles with a stiff cable and flushing the nozzle with clean water. Similarly, wash the washer’s internal water screen, situated behind the Stump Removal tips Fort Lauderdale hose connector, by removing the screen and flushing it with water. This also corrects irregular or low pressure and may remedy a unit that doesn’t stop releasing water when the trigger is released. Model HD1600 comes with a compound solution reservoir with a similar screen; clean this screen in the exact same fashion if you encounter chemical consumption issues.

More to Think about

In case your power washer issues go beyond troubleshooting fundamentals, contact Husky’s customer support division at 800-381-0999. Husky recommends contacting customer support when your 1600 has problems with its own pump, bypass valve, discharge valve or manifold assembly, for instance. Since this collection of powerwashers was initially provided about 2001 through 2008, Husky’s eighth limited guarantee no longer covers the cost of replacement parts or repairs.