A very long scarf that matches or coordinates with a window treatment is a readymade finishing touch that takes minutes to install. Measure the point on the wall where you desire a curtain to fall , up to the curtain pole and over to its midpoint. Double that amount and add 2 additional yards for the middle curtain and also to wrap the cloth around the rod at either end. That’s the length of scarf stuff you require for your own drapes. Run a narrow hem about a raw piece of cloth — not necessary if you are using a true scarf or a few scarves stitched together. Mark the middle of the scarf with a pin, secure it to the middle of the curtain pole having a clothespin and end every side of the cloth, front-to-back, above the corners of the pole. Remove the pin and clothespin and arrange the middle curtain and unwanted folds.

The Valance

Drape a scarf valance above a window by folding the length of the scarf accordion-style. Wrap the folded cloth front-to-back over every corner of a curtain pole. Pull the scarf fabric down above the middle of the window to generate a curved curtain and arrange the loose accumulates of their tails on either side. You may also wrap the ends of a folded scarf about two ornamental tiebacks at both sides of the cover of the window, then loosen the middle to your curtain, and also out the tails at the ends. Both styles work with coordinated drapes or uncurtained windows.