Steam cleaning is just one of the fastest ways to clean windows without harsh chemicals. Environmentally safe for kids, pets and sensitive adults, the steam vapor removes grease, oil and fingerprints from filthy windows. Because steam cleaning doesn’t involve using detergents, specialty or chemicals window-cleaning goods, you don’t need to be concerned about trying to find a window streaked with cleaning agents. Steam cleaning also sanitizes and kills many household germs.

Handheld Attachment

Fill out the steam cleaning machine using water to the marked level on the machine’s holding tank. As these machines differ by producer, review the directions which came with your steam cleaner to ensure you follow the right instructions. Plug in the machine to enable the water to become a steam vapor.

Hold the steam cleaning wand in your hand. Pull the trigger or push the button to trigger the steam.

Run the wand as it creates steam vapor throughout the window width. Work down the window until you have fully washed and sanitized it using steam.

Wipe the window horizontally starting at the top working using a microfiber cloth. If your cloth becomes too wet, use a new dry cloth. Continue wiping the window till it’s all dry.

Steam Cleaner With Squeegee Attachment

Repeat Step 1 from the first section when you have a steam cleaner which has a attached attached to the handheld wand.

Apply the steam vapor to the window working vertically down the window starting at the very best. Cover the whole window using steam vapor to make it is thoroughly sanitizes the window.

Begin at the top of the window on the Left Side. Hold the squeegee at a slight angle to the window and then pull it down to remove the vapor which has turned to water. Work from left to right, wiping the squeegee from top to bottom. Periodically wipe the squeegee with a microfiber cloth to remove excess water.

Wipe away any excess water or steam from the window using a microfiber towel.

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